GMC Graphyte Concept 2005 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Graphyte Hybrid is a GMC Truck-branded concept car and sport utility vehicle from General Motors. It uses a two-mode hybrid system. The Graphyte’s styling is intended to indicate the appearance of future GMC Truck vehicles, especially a crossover SUV General Motors plans to release in 2007 or 2008. The vehicle débuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show.

The GMC Graphyte concept vehicle is a refined SUV with all the capability expected in a four-wheel-drive truck, but with 25 percent improved fuel economy enabled by GM’s latest two-model full hybrid propulsion system. A tailored design, including an elegant, metal-framed grille gives the Graphyte an urban flair. It was designed and built at the GM Advanced Studio in Coventry , England .

The midsize Graphyte uses a two-mode full hybrid combined with a Vortec 5300 V-8 with Displacement on Demand (DoD) technology. It is similar to the hybrid system that will be available on GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe full-size SUVs in 2007. Two-mode full hybrid technology is at the center of GM’s three-prong advanced propulsion strategy that aims to take automobiles out of the energy and environmental debate. Its universal design allows engineers to scale the architecture to fit vehicles of any size. The system fits within the space of a conventional automatic transmission, with a battery pack providing the electric power.

The Graphyte uses a hybrid setup dubbed “Advanced Hybrid System II,” or AHS II for short. The system uses A Vortec 5300 V-8 gasoline engine with displacement on demand technology similar to that on Chrysler Hemi-equipped products. That engine is mated to a hybrid engine for a claimed 25 percent increase in fuel economy.  The Graphyte takes GMC’s design language to new levels of elegance, incorporating strong truck cues, such as minimal overhangs, tight wheel-to-fender openings and an upright grille, wîth a sleeker, more aerodynamic appearance.

The Graphyte pushes SÚV styling in a more refined direction while reinforcing GMC’s authentic performance attributes, said Anne Asensio, executive director of design. There is an air of urban sophistication that isn’t found in other SÚVs, but is relevant for hybrid technology.

The exterior combines the functionality and purity associated wîth traditional SÚVs, wîth refinement and a clean, distinctive look that clearly retains GMC DNA. Aerodynamics also play a large role in the vehicle’s design, as a slippery shape enhances fuel economy. Graphyte’s fast, 40-degree windshield, swept headlamps and the tapered roofline convey a wind-driven look, while a smooth underbody cover reduces drag. A pillarless side window design also contributes to the smooth styling, as the glass appears as one continuous element from the A-pillar to the D-pillar. There also are two large, transversal skylights – divided by an overhead console – that provide a more open feel in the interior.

Graphyte’s powerful stance and new proportion is a combination of functionality, space efficiency and aerodynamic performance, said Simon Cox, director of ÚK Advanced Design Studio. Details such as jeweled Xenon headlamps and LED-illuminated taillamps – the headlamps rotate left and right as well as move vertically to follow the attitude of the vehicle – complement the new, metal-frame grille design to convey a sense of solidity. Even Graphyte’s Spiral Grey Glass exterior color exudes professional grade strength and urban chic.

Exterior details also include a clever cargo area hatch/tailgate system. The tailgate operates independently of the upper hatch to rotate and fold straight down, easing cargo loading. And, like the grille, there is a prominent red GMC logo on the tailgate.

From its commanding driving position, the Graphyte’s interior has a crafted, airy environment that is enhanced by the large skylights. Mokanto wood veneer, as well as anodized and polished aluminum trim, accents Spiral Grey leather upper sections of the interior. The front seatbacks also carry the linear wood veneer and aluminum trim theme and are mounted on pedestals rather than conventional tracks to provide more leg room. Prairie Sandalwood-color leather covers the lower instrument panel, lower door panels and seats.

The rear seats have a unique 1-2-3 folding capability, allowing the seatbacks of all three seating positions to be folded flat and independent of one another. The rear seat cushion also folds up, increasing cargo space, while the entire rear seat adjusts fore and aft to provide additional legroom.

GMC Graphyte Concept 2005 Design Interior Exterior Car

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