GMC W5500 2007 Design Interior Exterior Truck

The W5500 is a medium-sized business truck fabricated by the General Motors Corporation. The GM auxiliary organization, Chevrolet, likewise delivered the W5500, however the truck stayed generally the same. The W5500 utilizes an inline four-barrel motor of the 4HK1-TC arrangement. The fuel framework is turbocharged direct infusion diesel. The aggregate dislodging is 5.19 liters, or 317 cubic inches. The aggregate pull is 205 at 2,400 rpm and the aggregate torque is 441 foot-pounds at 1,850 rpm. The torque proportion when the grip gets to be locked in is 265 ft-lbs while the represented motor rate is 2,800 rpm.

The front hub limit is 6,830 lbs and the back pivot limit is 14,550 lbs. The front tire limit is 3,640 lbs and the back tire limit is 3,415 lbs. The turning width, check to control, is 33.5 ft. Front spring limit is 8,440 lbs and the back spring limit is 14,550 lbs. Outline quality is 44,000 lbs.

Complete fuel tank limit is around 30 gallons. The aggregate outside length is 200 inches, the width is 81.3 inches and the stature is 91 inches. The front shade is 48 inches and the back shade without the guard is 43 inches. The front guard to the back of the taxicab is 71 inches. The ground freedom is 8.3 inches while the wheelbase is 109 inches. The inside head room is 38.4 inches, front extra space to move around is 29.5 inches, front shoulder room is 70.7 crawls and front hip room is 67.7 inches. The front and back wheel size is 19.5 by 6 inches. The front and back tire size is 225/70R19.5F.

The front and back wheels are made of steel and the front stabilizer bar is 1.65 inches in distance across. The front suspension outline is a decreased leaf while the back suspension sort is a multi-leaf. The front brakes are plates and the back are drum brakes. The transmission is the Aisin A465 six-speed, programmed with overdrive. The body is a tilt suspension taxicab and the taxicab can situate three. This truck utilizes a four-wheel non-freezing stopping device framework and has power-guiding.

GMC W5500 2007 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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