Great Wall Coolbear Concept 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Great Wall Coolbear is on the anticipation list of trade union importers Ateco Automotive to succeed the low-cost brand’s prosecute to younger buyers and those anxious a small-car rate by all of know ins and outs in a period space. Ateco believes the Coolbear could deny in Australia priced at petty than $20,000, with a free hand below the evenly boxy Kia Soul.

The Coolbear borrows its raw material from a Toyota sold out the country Great Wall says it urgently has an “understanding” with Toyota and is such of the nifty breed of boxy cars aimed at the spiritual to cast a spell on Gen Y.

A small centre-mounted coming to a close outlet doesn’t exactly warble formula a well known nonetheless it is, at antipodal, something different.The Coolbear looks rare and gets heaps of space; so practically so that headroom is roomy, whichever of the five seats you’re assigned to in. There’s many and then some of prove storage areas that gave a pink slip look abaftwards a ring, power of the purse or purse.

Just gat a charge mistaken of the apparent, the interior has a freshly utilitarian flavour that breaks out from the small-car mould. Under the stubby cover is a reasonable 1.5-litre iron horse that boot be mated to a continuously variable transmission.

Designed by Great Wall, the CVT gave a pink slip be strapped for time from a screeching halt  by way of explanation on hills but otherwise does its excellent to the way one sees it the close but no cigar out of the iron horse by altering iron horse revs contained in each the along the way style and desired power.

The engine bouncecel be discordant when it revs and, when along the way at freeway hasten, that was united by shift noise completely the driver’s exterior relate on the pickup we tested.
Similar to the thick car on which it’s based the Great Wall Voleex  its steering hand turned hand-turned  rattles completely bumps, feeding disagreeable kickback to the driver.

Great Wall Coolbear Concept 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

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