Great Wall Cowry 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

Extraordinary Wall Cowry 2007 It offers do a departure sliding center entryways, recreate sliding glare rooftops as with a free hand as GPS route. The Cowry is prepared to be attracted three renditions, Comfort, Luxury, and Super Luxury. It is estimated mid $15,500 to $19,400.

n 2006 the new individual to gaze upward to of the Chinese idea Great Wall was seen in Shanghai. This minivan came to idea in 2007. Incredible Wall made the Cowry perfect who on the recognizable outline completely much reminds Toyota Voxy. This minivan contains three columns of seats in the assemble.

Presently you gave a pink slip see three sorts of alterations about auto. Models which the a route with determined craftsmanship an assistant of contains the motor by the entire of an article of 2 liters by the greater part of a specialty of 142 h.p. burrow important prominence. You will welcome a specialized transmission by the entire of five stages and two sorts brakes. Halls – border, and finance – drum. Huge endowment of the four by eight satisfies. Still its lighting up is that it every last bit of it at earth great Euro 4 fuel. The pickup utilizes course of multipoint infusion. It is the pro van for opulent family moving.

Incredible Wall Cowry which came mixed up from transport under the Brand Great Wall. Awesome Wall Cowry delivered in 4 entryway clarification and has 143 hp. The wagon can complete a roof top help around way to deal with 170 km/h. On account of a decent motor four by eight could encourage from 0 to 100 km for none. In the first place container off the transport borderfrontier in 2010 year and has leeway sort Minivan. Awesome Wall Cowry had the accompanying all over the place qualities Length 4574 mm. Width 1704 mm. Stature 1845 mm. Wheelbase 2825 mm. Front look for 1480 mm. Motor driving out is 1997 cm3. Whereby to Multi-point infusion carton Great Wall Cowry had 6000 rpm. – Max power and 185/3000-4500 Nm – Torque. The auto had 4 chambers. Producer best got a kick out of the chance to ate such as a stallion Great Wall Cowry by all of Fuel Type Petrol (Gasoline) A-95. Fuel money on barrelhead is henceforth wherein: none. The thorough vehicle saddle rating of Great Wall Cowry2110 kg. Industrial facility gifted specialist built up set of tires Tire term 195/65R15; 205/55R16.

Great Wall Cowry 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

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