Higer Scania Touring HD 6×2 2009 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Higer Scania Touring HD 6×2 2009 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The Swedish maker likewise gives full administration backing and parts supply in Europe. Venture a three-transport Scania Touring was made in the outline office Scania’s collaboration with Higer. The transport has a commonplace Scania components, for example, a bended wedge state of the front, with adjusted corners. Front of the vehicle and the all encompassing windscreen clears the window line. Like the two-pivot here, as well, there are two trim levels, Comfort and Premium, including can incorporated with the center area of the transport and a stove.

Higer Scania Touring HD 6x2 2009 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The decision of a blended shade of skin boards and inside trim game plan encourages an agreeable and unwinding inside. The alternative is accessible calfskin upholstery with differentiating sewing. Standard hardware incorporates aerating and cooling frameworks and warmth convection, mounted on the rooftop. You can likewise arrange extra warming framework. Back window and side windows are made of two-layer tinted glass. Varying media hardware incorporates 17-inch shows in front and amidst the transport.

For the center entryway can be mounted substitute for resting compartment, furnished with a radio to speak with the driver. The driving position is ergonomically outlined and outfitted with seats and guiding wheel with vast conformity range. It is additionally huge that the measure of traveler space (about the whole length of the transport) is approx. 2.2 m. This gives a feeling of space, solace and wellbeing. Three-Touring is furnished with a 12.7-liter motor with 440 hp and meets the emanation gauges Euro 5 vehicle 4×2 is likewise accessible 9,3-liter motor with 360 hp, steady with the considerably more stringent EEV.

All motors highlight fumes gas distribution Scania EGR and regular rail infusion framework Scania XPI and can be controlled by 100 percent biodiesel. They are additionally offered motors follow the Euro 4 power units working with 12-speed gearbox with Scania Opticruise. The intense Scania Retarder builds solace and security amid downhill. What is vital – the transport is furnished as standard with, among others, the suspension of all tomahawks, ESP, mountain brakes, Xenon headlights, tinted windows, composite haggles suspension front wheels. The back bogie vehicles 6×2 incorporates guided label pivot.

Higer Scania Touring HD 6×2 2009 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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