High Capacity Plaxton Panorama Double Deck Design

High Capacity Plaxton Panorama Double Deck Design – Panorama with a double deck is built on a specially designed Volvo chassis and uses 110 years of Plaxton experience in building trainers. Plaxton Panorama takes coach travel to a whole new level. From intercity train operations to high-capacity commuter express services or international tours. Plaxton Panorama can accommodate up to 91 passengers in full comfort. The variable seating configuration offers a variety of options including wheelchair facing position, servery and toilet facilities. All with durable steel structure, easy maintenance, outstanding technical support. Plaxton Panorama is a versatile choice for intercity coach operations, commuter express services and high capacity tours.

Plaxton Panorama with 65 seats is on the top deck, accessed via stairs in the front and center. On the lower floors with different low layouts available to offer wheelchair access through the front or center door, depending on operator requirements. The sliding seat system allows fast conversion to provide wheelchair positions in accordance with the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations.

Dimensions of Plaxton Panorama with a length of 14.5m and overall height of 4.0m. The total luggage capacity is 10.1m3, of which 6.8m3 is on the flat floor grip above the rear axle and engine. This holder is easily loaded along the whole through the locker doors on both sides of the vehicle, as well as near the high compartment access door.

Plaxton Panorama with a three-axle Volvo B11RLE chassis, Euro 660hp engine that matches the Volvo I-Shift automatic manual transmission. It also has security built in with forward collision warning, emergency braking and line maintenance support systems provided. Plaxton’s standard stainless steel structure provides a strong and lightweight body frame with durability.

ModelADL Plaxton Panorama 14.5m RHD low entry double deck coach mounted on free issue Volvo B11RLE tri-axle Euro 6 chassis
Body SpecificationADL Plaxton Panorama double deck coach. Double door. Full climate control
Passenger Capacity87 high back reclining coach seats with in-built toilet or 83 with in-built toilet plus 1 wheelchair / 0 standees. Total: 87 passenger
Dimensions Length: 14.5m / Width: 2.55m / Height: 3.95m
GVW / UW / Luggage26,000kg / approx 18250kg, depending on configuration
EngineVolvo B11R 6-cylinder common rail SCR / 10.8 litre, turbocharged, 460hp diesel engine certified to Euro 6 standard.If ZF gearbox is specified, the engine changes to a 380hp unit
Steering AxleVolvo RFS, 7500kg, disc brakes
Drive AxleVolvo RS1228C, 11500kg, disc brakes
Tag AxleHydraulic steered, 7500kg, disc brakes
Brakes Volvo disc brakes, collision warning with emergency brake; Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Electronic Braking System (EBS 5); Anti-lock Braking System (ABS); Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR); brake blending; dual retarder control; drag torque control; hill start aid; brake temperature warning; poor brake performance warning; door brake; brake assistant; lining wear sensing and analysis; automatic calibration after brake pad change; compressed air system, easily filled from external circuit
Volvo Driver Support System: Forward collision warning, emergency braking and lane keeping support system
Steering Volvo hydraulic power steering
Suspension All round air suspension with suspension kneel and ferry lift functionality
Electrical Alternator: 2×150 A, 3×150 A
Batteries 2 x 12 volt I-Start / 2 x 12 volt 105Ah consumer batteries – maintenance free batteries
Fuel System: 600ltr aluminium tank. AdBlue 64ltr
Tyres and Wheels: 315/80 R22.5″
Accessibility: Access via entrance or centre door. Low entry, flat floor, wheelchair ramp
Climate System: Full climate control – blown air and convector heating with preheater as option

High Capacity Plaxton Panorama Double Deck Design

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