Hino 300-921 Crew Cab 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

The new pioneer in the light-obligation snort stakes is Hino with its 300 Series models, breaking the twofold century hindrance by maximizing at 205hp (151kW), which Hino says is the most power in its class. Torque is a moderately monstrous 600Nm.

Hino additionally says its 300 Series security highlights including safety belt pre-tensioners; driver and traveler airbags; ECE R29 crash congruity; ABS; footing control and vehicle strength control (VSC), likewise make it the most secure light-obligation truck.

The littler 4-liter Hino 300 Series is evaluated at up to 165hp (123kW) with 460Nm of torque, however for around $5,000 additional (contingent upon the specs, obviously) you can now pick the high drive adaptation with its 5-liter motor. It isn’t so much that long back this motor was in Hino’s medium-obligation 500 Series trucks.

The 921 has the Aisin 6-speed completely programmed gearbox. The manual variant is known as the 920 on the grounds that it’s barely short of 200 steeds the manual tranny can’t deal with as much snort as the auto, so the motor is de-appraised.

Torque on the manual is 510Nm contrasted and 600 in the auto. The auto is the same high-volume Aisin brand that is in other Toyota bunch vehicles, for example, the fanciful LandCruiser, and in addition a great deal of American get trucks. It’s to a great degree smooth: you can barely see the apparatus changes.

There’s a great deal to like inside the 300 Series Hinos. Electric controls for the warmed mirrors that don’t hinder vision; astounding perceivability on account of the slim A-columns made utilizing high-malleable steel; interactive media unit with switching camera; back taxi warming and aerating and cooling; helpful overdrive on/off catch; a green ‘eco light’ demonstrating when you are driving most monetarily, et cetera.

The driver’s seat has torsion bar suspension with an attractive dampener. Try not to ask how that functions however it does, serenely. Nonetheless we likewise had a couple bandy with the 921.The windscreen demister wasn’t working, apparently busted by the organization, which had been utilizing this unit as a demonstrator.

There was no get handle to get in and out of the back of the group taxi, which Hino yields is an issue and says it will make a ‘running change’ to introduce one.The truck was additionally maybe a touch on the loud side, and now and again you can feel slight vibration when dragging up a slope in a rigging that may be somewhat too high.

Possibly both issues are because of the group taxi by not permitting motor clamor to escape out the back and in addition a solitary taxicab may; and by requiring inside motor examination, which perhaps includes less protection than the single taxi variant.

Hino 300-921 Crew Cab 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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