Hino 500 GT 1322 4×4 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Hino 500 GT 1322 4×4 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck – Hino’s moderate sized wilderness romper the 500 arrangement GT 1322 is presently accessible with a completely programmed transmission and that implies it’s more secure going up truly soak landscape, Stalling a four-wheel drive truck in first apparatus on a lofty slope rough terrain is an alternate ball game. Nobody will keep running into the back of you, however it can even now be horribly hazardous.

Enter the Hino 500 arrangement GT 1322 with its new choice of a 5-speed completely programmed Allison 2500 arrangement transmission. With this wilderness romper Hino says you can appreciate the significant serenity of knowing you will never need to do a slow down recuperation. First and foremost, Hino says the programmed is unrealistic to slow down, yet in the event that it does and you’re in such a precarious circumstance the truck just won’t go any further up the slope, you simply select “Opposite” on the gearstick and wet blanket down the slope.

Certainly, you will need to utilize the brakes more than in the manual, yet Hino guarantees us braking innovation has progressed to the point where this should be possible without overheating them or losing an excess of air. In the GT 1322 (the “13” remains for gross vehicle mass [GVM] of 13 tons and the “22” for 220hp)

The GT 1322 is force constrained contrasted and its on-street cousins, a lot of torque in a rough terrain vehicle can break things, for example, axles. Its 7.7-liter motor is equipped for significantly more than the 160kW (220hp) at 2,400rpm and torque of 637Nm at 1,500rpm. The fumes goes out the top and the diesel particulate channel (DPF) consequently recovers when it is just 30 for every penny full and in this manner not as hot.

The Allison transmission now accessible is a full programmed. That implies it utilizes a torque converter, which is a liquid coupling, the same as in programmed autos. For these lofty rough terrain applications Hino doesn’t offer its own ProShift 6 computerized manual gearbox, since PC control is unmistakably inadmissible for that environment.

Inside, the team taxicab can fit three in the front and four in the back. It’s pretty squeezy in there. There are warmed and electrically worked outside mirrors; a driver’s supplemental limitation framework (SRS) airbag (yet none on the traveler’s side); and an Isri 6800 driver’s seat with incorporated seat strap. The driver’s seat doesn’t slide exceptionally far back, yet its stature and the guiding segment can be conformed to provide food for the greatest of pilots.

ATN could confirm out the street Hino’s accreditations amid an exceptionally lovely day driving the GT 1322 between the southern good countries of New South Wales close Mittagong and the Wombeyan Caves range of the close-by Blue Mountains.

Driving up the steepest slope we could discover in an enclosure was simple, with just the most fleeting slippage over the rough surface. There was no issue at all in selecting invert and throwing in the towel once more, in spite of the fact that I expected to apply the brakes the entire way. It was unsettling the air gage got into the red and the low air ringer was always on. By and by the brakes didn’t bolt up. Driving advances down the same steep slope, in first apparatus low range, the truck got an abundant excess keep running up for my enjoying, and I absolutely expected to utilize the brakes significantly more than if I was in a traditional 6-speed synchromesh manual.

Obviously a flame truck, a rough terrain careful chooser and even a mining vehicle may in any case need to spend a considerable measure of its life on the parkway. I was half-anticipating that the rough terrain driver should rev its head off on the interstate, however it performed also to some other truck of medium size. The GT sat on 2,100rpm at 100km/h, precisely as estimate in the spec sheet.

What’s more, it just got up to 2,300rpm on a long soak climb, dropping back to an extremely respectable 80km/h. This was truly great considering the 12 tons GVM for the day, affability of some monster sandbags on the back (standard GVM is 13 tons with the alternative of 13.9 tons). The Hino has greater haggles than it used to and the taking care of advantages were clear in embracing twists on a slender bitumen street between the turnpike and the soil.

Tires are 11R22.5 and they are no more on split edges, since tires nowadays are regarded sufficiently solid not to require the less demanding technique for evacuating them. Supporting the front wheels are semi-elliptic leaf springs with twofold acting safeguards. At the back are semi-elliptic principle and helper leaf springs, which fundamentally implies there is a second layer of suspension, which will come into utilization on the off chance that you include most extreme weight. The fuel tank holds 200 liters, the wheelbase is 4.2m, and general stature is barely short of 3m.

Specification Hino 500 GT 1322 4×4 2008

Hino 500 GT 1322 4×4 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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