Hino RN 285 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Hino RN 285 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Hino as one of the APM (Agent Trademark Holder) that dominate the market for trucks and buses, presenting Chassis Hino RN 285 equipped with Air Suspension and use machines commonrail with turbo charger is ready to compete with rivals origin of continental Europe Mercedes-Benz is also presenting Chassis premium class suspension air also Mercedes Benz OH 1626.

Currently, PT Hino chassis issuing most recent of which HINO RN 285. Locally-made Hino although Indonesia, we should be proud because Hino has a lot of fans or buyers from outside Indonesia (foreign). When talking about Hino, for tracks / lanes in Indonesia is very well suited to the way the bumpy terrain, so the chassis of Hino is urgently needed.

The striking differences between Hino RN 285 with Mercedes Benz OH 1626 is located on the chassis model is Hino model Ladder Frame whereas Mercy OH Space Frame 1626 model. But for the engine and other functions are also not much different.

Hino RN 285 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Hino RN 285 2015 Design Exterior Bus “PO Haryanto” looks really cool

The reliability of the engine and the chassis is not in doubt, support aftersalesnya very well in Indonesia, and another is the price factor, Hino provide cheaper price in its class. No wonder so many Application Integration otobus choosing Hino, one being a flagship Hino in Indonesia now is RN 285 RN 285 chassis RN 285 is currently the flagship of the product buses Hino in Indonesia, Hino released a variant RN285 is of course based after seeing trends bus in Indonesia is getting here more wants variants powered buses are large and have air suspension to be a superior fleet. Hino wanted to return to repeat the success RK8 Hino and Hino AK RN 215 in this variant.

Hino RN 285 2015 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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