Holden Commodore Calais-V Tourer 2018 Dynamic Wagon Design

Holden Commodore Calais-V Tourer 2018 Dynamic Wagon Design – Holden Commodore Calais-V Tourer is a sleek and powerful vehicle. This generation of Tourers has a style similar to the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack or Subaru XV, both of which have a longer and higher form factor, where the vehicle has shown its ability with a slight dynamic compromise.

The Commodore Calais-V Tourer is 20mm higher than the standard Commodore Sportwagon, and also has an additional plastic cladding mounted outside to provide a more utilitarian look. This model is only available with a 3.6 liter 235kW / 381Nm V6 engine, which means it comes as standard with the highly intelligent Twinster All-Wheel-Drive system.

With this Twinster system which provides a separate clutch for each rear wheel, and communicates with drivetrain 100 times every second. It can support up to fifty percent of torque to the rear axle, and 100 percent of the power available to either rear wheel individually.

Commodore Calais-V Tourer has a good performance when attractive and can reach its potential as a comfortable family vacation car. On the hill Commodore Calais-V Tourer can accelerate quickly from 50Kph – 80Kph at 6000rpm. The nine speed automatic does the job well, and if possible try to choose the most economical gear.

The suspension owned by Commodore Calais-V Tourer is rather soft and there is a slight wobble. The comfort features that quite get an increase in driving height are actually quite simple when compared to conventional ZB models

Another feature of the Commodore Calais-V Tourer is that the flipped camera offers good guidance for monitoring backwards with an 8-inch touch screen, the infotainment system also includes an excellent eight-speaker Bose stereo, and that is both Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatible.

Holden Commodore Calais-V Tourer serves a lot of space by eliminating rows of additional seats in the back, can have storage space that is identical to its Sport wagon with 793 liters of storage up to the roof line) with rear seats in place, and 1665 liters with rear seats folded. That’s about 200 liters more than the usual Commodore hatchback.

Holden Commodore Calais-V Tourer 2018 Dynamic Wagon Design

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