Honda Accord Type-S 2011 Sedan And Tourer Models

Honda Accord Type-S 2011 Sedan And Tourer Models – Model sedan and Tourer from the revamped Honda Accord Type-S made their debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Both cars received a number of changes with styling, emissions, driving and handling all upgraded for 2011.

Honda Accord Type-S Sedan 2011

The Honda Accord Type-S Sedan 201 and Honda Accord Type-S Tourer 2011 have benefited from small but noticeable changes in headlamps and bumpers to complement the changes under the skin. The headlamps have been given a cleaner and clearer look with previous amber indicators now in clear completion. In high-end cars, the lights are now bi-HID (high and low xenon beams) and the Active Angle Light feature to improve night time visibility. The Honda Accord Type-S with Grille has been finely refined with two middle spars finished in the same chrome material as the outer grille, for a more sporty look. The cooling duct and lightweight niches on all models have been redecorated with tapers from this area given a more aggressive line, giving a better appearance on the car.

The rear of the Honda Accord Type-S Sedan 201 has been finely refined with a backlight that has red lights for the taillights and an indicator that matches the fog light, providing balance to the rear styling. The exclusive styling of this sedan is rounded with light chrome ornaments on the back plate on most dark chrome models and layers on Type S. cars. The new exterior design cues are finished with three new colors consisting of Alabaster Silver, Graphite Luster and Celestial Blue Pearl added to the line up. And for Honda Accord Type-S Tourer 2011 has a larger rear-end design like the MPV with a more upright luggage door and clearly can accommodate much larger than the sedan. For the style that is highlighted still has an exclusive and elegant style.

Honda Accord Type-S Tourer 2011

In interiors with most classes having new seat materials and upholstery doors, change the atmosphere of the cabin. Honda Accord Type-S 2011 has an exclusive half leather, the seat in dark gray and black head layers to further differentiate the upper class. The interior trim that looks like metal covering the handbrake, gear lever, steering wheel, entrance, with red background and sweeping in the center of the dash is now in darker colors, to complement the new interior fabric. The footwells of the majority of models are now illuminated blue if the headlights light up and red on the Honda Accord Type-S 2011.

The enhanced 2.2 liter 150 PS i-DTEC diesel engine has experienced reduced internal friction losses to improve fuel economy and emissions. The result of this change is a 9 g / km decrease in CO2 emissions for sedans with 6-speed manual transmission and a reduction of 11 g / km for automatic variants. These internal changes have been combined with a number of underground aerodynamic devices, including larger front air dams, underfloor and rear subframe cover. Honda engineers are also working to reduce friction losses on wheels and tires with low friction wheel bearings and reduced rolling resistance tires. Agreements equipped with automatic transmissions also benefit from reduced friction losses in gearboxes and ratios optimized to boost the economy and emissions.

Honda Accord Type-S Tourer 2011

The impressive NVH performance of the Honda Accord Type-S 2011 has now been further enhanced by the use of higher density foams under the bonnet and dashboard area. The noise insulation under the floor has also been revised and works with an additional lethal shield of sound on the DPF and the exhaust manifold cover of the diesel engine. The noise reduction technical package is equipped with a 0.9 mm increase in rear window glass thickness, enhancing the rear passenger experience.

With changes to the Honda Accord Tourer’s silencer and sedan for the various road conditions found in Europe. The detailed enhancements of the dual mode damper have provided good improvements in high speed stability for on-highway driving and significant improvements in rider quality, even on poor road surfaces.

Honda Accord Type-S 2011

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