Honda Civic Si Coupe Racecar Compass 360 Racing by HPD 2011 Design Interior Exterior

Honda Civic Si Coupe Racecar Compass 360 Racing by HPD 2011 Design Interior Exterior – With the recent unveiling of the 9th generation Civic in early 2011, there’s became absolute confidence in our minds that Honda might make the coupe its SEMA megastar. The various many different cool programs Honda displayed in Vegas, the Compass360 Racing HPD Civic Si Coupe Racecar sat glowing in its tri-color scheme.

The work on the Compass360 Racing HPD started out in advance this yr with the Civic bodies-in-white, a software that gives a tremendous cost and exertions financial savings to race groups. This application offers groups a naked bones chassis to get rid of the money and time spent on breaking down manufacturing models for racing. Sales of the body-in-white shells began in July 2011, and HPD has introduced a number of them to certified race teams to this point.

After unveiling the Compass360 Racing HPD 2012 Civic Si Coupe Racecar, HPD furnished information about its new racing overall performance parts application for the all-new Civic Coupe. In advance this year, HPD commenced sales of Civic bodies-in-white, additionally on show. For builders of racecars, starting their build with a frame-in-white represents tremendous fee and hard work savings when compared to the purchase and conversion of a fully-geared up manufacturing vehicle. Sales of the body-in-white started out in July, and HPD has brought a number to licensed race groups up to now, priced at $3,500 every. Moreover, HPD will soon offer HPD-designed parts and branded racing components for the brand new Civic via the Honda Racing Line. Those racing parts are tailor-made to be used inside the SCCA global project and Grand Am’s Continental Tire sports activities car challenge. They will be available early in 2012, and complete information and pricing will be to be had at that time.

Combining the knowledge of HPD and the styling and overall performance history of HFP, the Accord Coupe V6 HFP idea features a full suite of presently-to be had HFP components. HPD guided the introduction of the “idea,” which incorporates a supercharger and overall performance air consumption and exhaust structures. Building upon a inventory three.5-liter V6 engine, the supercharged engine is expected to provide 335 hp and 285 ft. Lbs of torque (up 64 hp and 34 ft. Lbs vs. Stock car). This car was modified to illustrate the performance potential of the Accord V6 coupe and to gauge patron interest. Honda has no cutting-edge production plans for the concept.

Carrying to be had Honda genuine add-ons, the 2012 Civic Si Sedan indicates that performance and style can include four doors. It capabilities 18×7 inch HFP alloy wheels, all-season floor mats, trunk tray, shipment internet, cargo hook and splash guards. All Honda proper accessories, together with HFP additives, provide a 3-yr/36,000 mile guarantee like the Civic itself, if they may be purchased and installed at the time of latest automobile purchase, and are engineered to be absolutely well suited with each Honda vehicle.

For the reason that software started out, the employer has been busy running on this Compass360 Racing prototype that provides details at the corporation’s new racing overall performance components program particularly designed for the 2012 Civic. Those racing components are tailored for use inside the SCCA world venture and Grand Am’s Continental Tire sports car assignment. They’ll be to be had early in 2012, and full info and pricing may be launched at that point.

Honda Civic Si Coupe Racecar Compass 360 Racing by HPD 2011 Design Interior Exterior

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