Honda Crossroad 2007 Elegant Dynamic Design

Honda Crossroad 2007 Elegant Dynamic Design – Honda released Crossroad in 2007, a car that surpassed the existing category by combining the design and function of the SUV with a comfortable size from a compact car and 3-row seats and a 7-passenger minivan capacity. Honda Crossroad 2007 was designed to help active navigators for everyday life. So that Honda Crossroad can help people enjoy their dynamic lifestyle, not limited by conventional thinking. The design of Crossroad in 2007 looked simple with a sturdy and stable appearance.

Honda Crossroad 2007 Elegant Dynamic Design

The interior design of Honda Crossroad 2007 has sculpted molding around the instrument panel to achieve a pleasant confidence. Square motifs continue throughout the interior, creating subtle urban tones and elegant looks. Seat is equipped with a new suede-finish leotard developed with thick bandages for the main part. The jersey plus is durable and dimpled on its side to provide a soft feel and sculpted look. Two interior colors available that feels elegant are Ivory and Black titanium. With innovative packaging, Honda Crossroad 2007 offers a confident presence and versatile 3-row seats. It’s easy to handle around the city thanks to the overall length of 4,285mm. And the typical angle design around the headlights provides an effective minimum turning point from Crossroad at the top of the class.

Honda Crossroad 2007 Interior Design

Honda Crossroad 2007 is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine or 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine. Combined with low speed performance that is responsive to medium speed with fuel savings. Engine with 5-speed automatic transmission to produce agile performance. The 4-wheel-drive model also features the Hill-Start Assist function. Where to maintain brake pressure after the brake pedal is released when starting on the ramp. This ensures a smoother start and increases the ease of use of Honda Crossroad 2007.

Honda Crossroad 2007 Elegant Dynamic Design

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