Honda FR-V Study Model 2005 Design Interior Exterior

The Honda FR-V, ‘Family Recreational Vehicle’ generally called the Honda Edix in Japan, was a moderate multi-reason vehicle (MPV) made by the Japanese maker Honda from 2004 to 2009, and showcased until 2011. It has six seats and, near to the Fiat Multipla, it once was one of only two negligible minivans with a 3+3 seating setup offered on the European market.

The Honda FR-V licenses giving way down the front focus seat to make a plate or arm rest. The diminished MPV offers around 32 unmistakable seating mixes, three ISOFIX centers and piles of hotel and stack space.

Rearward sitting arrangements cover only and level, into the floor, and can be caved in one-gave. Same 125PS 1.7 liter and 150PS 2.0 liter petrol engines as Stream. 2.2i CTDi followed in 2005. Security Groups 9 – 11. Each one of the six seats have three-point seat strap fixings, while within front seat and the two outside secondary lounges have ISOFIX kid seat mounts. Front belts have pre-tensioners and load limiters. As a manual for tyke wellbeing, the central front seat moves 270mm further back than the outside pair (while running with a child in the front, Honda endorses that the seat is moved to its rearmost position).

Full-length shade airbags and twin twofold stage airbags in the facia and side airbags in the two outside front seats.Wide track progresses reliability, deftness and extraordinary coordinating response. Track geometry decreases the FR-V’s roll center, enabling auto to be fitted with milder springs than would be the circumstance if the springs were also being used to most distant point body move, thusly ensuring comfort and moreover delight.

125 PS (92 kW) 1.7 liter SOHC VTEC unit (mated to a 5-speed manual) and a 150 PS (110 kW) 2.0 liter DOHC i-VTEC unit (mated to a 6-speed manual). Joined by Honda’s 2.2 liter i-CTDi diesel engine mated to 6-speed manual transmission in 2005

Honda FR-V Study Model 2005

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