Honda Jade RS 2018 Stylish Sport Family Car

Honda Jade RS 2018 Stylish Sport Family Car – The term RS is used to designate sports cars, or almost race cars. But sometimes given to minibus vehicles by certain vehicle manufacturers. This includes a family car, the Honda Jade RS. The popularity of the Honda Jade as a family car was presented in 2013. And in 2018 it was updated with the name Honda Jade RS with many changes.

Honda Jade RS 2018 Stylish Sport Family Car

The appearance of the RS Honda Jade 2018 changed somewhat, seen with a new front bumper, fog lights and wheels. Bright orange color from the body with a contrasting black roof. This color combination is a Honda offering that is only available for Honda Jade RS 2018 models.

In various Honda models, the Honda Jade RS2018 is located between the station wagon and saloon. The size is slightly larger than the Honda Civic. Today, the cabin holds two rows of seats. The second row has three seats so that the Honda Jade RS 2018 can comfortably accommodate five people.

Honda Jade RS 2018 is offered with two power plants. This is a hybrid version engine with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine. Now it has expanded to another version of the engine with a 1.5-liter four-inline gasoline engine with a power of 150 hp and a twisting volume of 203 Nm. And for the Honda Jade RS 2018 sport it offers seven-speed automatic transmission.

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