Honda Legend 2011 Sporty Elegant Design

Honda Legend 2011 Sporty Elegant Design – Honda in 2011 issued a sporty style car but there is a conservative element. 2011 Honda Legend has faster acceleration than the previous version. With a high-powered engine combined with “Super Handling” all wheel drive through more ratios than before.

The overall appearance of the 2011 Honda Legend which has a length dimension of 4.995 mm, width of 1843 mm tends towards the conservative end of the spectrum. The current form was originally introduced in 2009 when many design elements were refined from the previous version but were sharper in more modern languages ​​while maintaining its simplicity. The weight of the 2011 Honda Legend is 1875 kg.

Honda Legend 2011 Sporty Elegant Design

In terms of interior, the 2011 Honda Legend has an elegant leather-covered interior with seats for 5 people. The front seat has an electric heater. While the rear gets the sun shade which is operated electrically and even the side which is operated manually. Aircon is a dual zone dual mode climate system complete with a perfect pollen filter.

On the roof with various air foils to prevent the sound of the wind along with the colored roof liner cover to hide it when you don’t want the sky view to penetrate the glass. The elements of Honda Legend’s interior design include comfort, noise level, aesthetic appeal, ergonomic layout, and durability.

Honda Legend with a 3.7 liter V-TEC V6 engine that has the ability to adjust the timing cam for both the inlet and the exhaust valve, while the previous engine can only do this to the inlet side. The 6 cylinder version of the Legend J37A2 is stronger, at the expense of fuel savings, using all 6 cylinders in full. Honda claims 14 liters/100 km in the city, but I can do better, regularly seeing 13.6 on the screen. Legend’s all-wheel drive also contributes greatly to driving agility. At 226 KW with essentially flat torque curves between 3500 and 5500 rpm and peaking slightly at 370Nm at 5000rpm this car runs and does it very smoothly.

Honda Legend 2011 Sporty Elegant Design

After the engine management and transmission management of the computer arrange all parts and choose the right gear, it’s SH-AWD’s turn to find out which wheel to move. Power from a sturdy V-TEC engine is handled by an all-new 6-speed transmission, dubbed Sequential SportShift. Changing the ratio can be done by using a gear stick mounted on the console or by using, what Honda terms, racing paddle wheel shifers steering wheel steering.

Safety and safety features are standard with Honda Legend, including front area airbags, full size front and curtain, Electronic Brake Distribution or so-called EBD, emergency brake assistance, active front head restraints, ESP or vehicle stability assistance with traction control, reminders and seat belts and headrests and front seat belt pretensioners.

Honda Legend 2011 Sporty Elegant Design

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