Honda Odyssey Absolute 2001 Design Interior Exterior

In late 1999, another, bigger “second era” Odyssey showed up in Japan and Australia and as a Left hand Drive (LHD) in China. In any case, this new Odyssey was a noteworthy update of the original Odyssey as opposed to a totally new model. Subsequently, its general shape and appearance were like the original Odyssey. Still, it was 85 mm (3.3 in) longer and 10 mm (0.4 in) more extensive than the past model; while the cantina’s length was abbreviated.

The base model kept on being sold with a 2.3-liter 4-chamber motor F23A RA6(2WD) and RA7(4WD), be that as it may, the a 3.0-liter VTEC V6 motor J30A (from the original, delivering now 210 hp (157 kW)) was accessible with RA8 (2WD) and RA9 (4WD). The 2000 Odyssey was the main Honda to get a five-speed programmed transmission (with the 3.0-liter motor). All the second era gearboxes likewise included another initial a tiptronic-like manual mode, known as “Honda S-matic”, in which a gearbox stays to be a great Honda’s hydro-automat, yet the driver can deal with the moving minute (if electronically permitted) with the selector’s “+” and “- ” positions. The inside was totally new. The old programmed segment shifter was moved to the inside console. Computerized atmosphere controls supplanted the old manual controls, and were arranged close to the sound framework controls. Woodgrain trim was standard on all models, while in V6-L models calfskin was standard. The inside arrangement was likewise changed (second and third line), and the extra wheel was moved to another position underneath the third column. With L and Absolute forms, an extra third-push radiator was included. The sunroof was no more accessible.

A lively “Absolute” form with every one of the case surprisingly has showed up. This co-Mugen tuned form varies by the altered suspension of the European-such as auto’s conduct, 17-inch haggles outside/inside changes.

In 2002, the Odyssey was given a mellow restyle. It got new, bigger Honda symbols for the front and back, clear-lens tail-lights (supplanting golden), and a bigger front grille with four chrome strips rather than three. In the Australian showcase, the new Odyssey demonstrated more well known than its ancestor, at any rate at first. Be that as it may, in 2002, deals hit a record-breaking low, and in 2003, offers of just 649 units were very nearly 33% of the aggregate in 2000.

. . .
Type: Aluminum-Alloy V-6 x x
Displacement (liters) 3.5 3.5
Displacement (liters) 3.5 3.5
Horsepower @ rpm (SAE net) 210 @ 5200* 210 @ 5200*
Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm) 229 @ 4300* 229 @ 4300*
Compression Ratio 9.4:1 9.4:1
Valve Train: SOHC 24-Valve VTEC x x
Fuel System: Multi-Point Fuel Injection x x
Ignition System: Electronic w/Immobilizer x x
. . .
Type: Front-Wheel Drive x x
Automatic Transmission: 4-Speed x x
Final Drive Ratio 3.94 3.94
. . .
Body Type: Unit Body x x
Suspension: Front Strut/Rear Double Wishbone x x
Stabilizer Bar (mm., front) 24 24
Power Rack-and-Pinion Steering x x
Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb (ft.) 37.7 37.7
4-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) x x
Electronic Brake Distribution System (EBD) x x
Traction Control System (TCS) x x
Wheels 16 x 6.5 Steel w/ Full Covers 16 x 6.5 Alloy
Tires: All-Season 215/65R16 96T M+S 215/65R16 96T M+S
. . .
Wheelbase (in.) 118.1 118.1
Length (in.) 201.2 201.2
Height (in.) 68.5 69.7
Width (in.) 76.3 76.3
Track (in., front/rear) 66.1/66.1 66.1/66.1
Curb Weight (lbs.) 4248 4288/4317.
Towing Capacity (lbs.) 3500.. 3500..
. . .
Headroom (in., front/middle/rear) 41.2/40.0/38.9 41.2/40.0/38.9
Legroom (in., front/middle/rear) 41.0/40.0/38.1 41.0/40.0/38.1
Shoulder Room (in., front/middle/rear) 62.6/64.5/61.7 62.6/64.5/61.7
Hiproom (in., front/middle/rear) 57.8/67.0/49.1 57.8/67.0/49.1
Cargo Volume (cu. ft., behind rear seat) 38.1 38.1
Cargo Volume (cu. ft., maximum) 146.1 146.1
Passenger Volume (cu. ft.) 170.7 170.7
. . .
. . .
4-Speed Automatic (City/Highway) 18/25 18/25
Fuel (gal.) 20 20

Honda Odyssey Absolute 2001 Design Interior Exterior

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