Honda Odyssey Prestige (RA5) 1997 Design Interior Exterior

Honda Odyssey Prestige (RA5) 1997 Design Interior Exterior – The Odyssey status is powered by a brand new 3.Zero-liter V6 VTEC engine to provide sedan-like overall performance and journey first-class at the same time as reaching class-leading quietness. A new the front appearance and a leather-based interior (seat and shift knob) choice at the 6-passenger VZ grade help distinguish this new version. A robust body presenting omni-directional safety is blended with twin SRS airbags and a new brake device presenting ABS (anti-lock brake system) and EBD (digital brake force distribution) capabilities to provide world-magnificence safety.

Light and compact new three.0-liter V6 VTEC engine offering air-assist injection gadget and revised EGR (exhaust gasoline recirculation) for reduced NOx and CO emissions assembly the “TMG LEV” standards set via the Tokyo metropolitan location’s seven nearby governments, the three prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama, and the three cities of Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Chiba.

New direct grab control 4-pace automated transmission for advanced actual gasoline intake. New ABS machine with EBD (digital brake force distribution) to control front/rear brake stress distribution in keeping with the front/rear weight balance improves each braking balance and performance. Omni-directional safety furnished by means of a robust body, a big instantly-kind body and front/rear crushable zones.

Exterior design

  • New front grille.
  • Integrated roof garnish.
  • All-round chromed side protector.
  • Front windshield with half shade.
  • Specific license plate garnish and emblem.
  • Clear lens-type rear combination lamp.
  • Body-colored tail gate spoiler.
  • New mesh-type alloy wheels ( on VZ).
  • Body stripes (on VZ).
  • Body-colored side seal (on VZ).

Interior design

  • Wood panels (center and radio panels, front/rear pull pockets (VZ only) and rear cup-holders(VZ only)).
  • Leather seats and leather shift knob (option on 6-passenger VZ only).
  • New meter-cluster including tachometer, exterior temperature functions.
  • Separate left/right front cup-holders.
  • Full-flat front seat arrangement (excluding driver seat on VZ).
  • Adjustable front seat armrest (first/second row seats for 6-passenger VZ).
  • 8-way driver power seat (slide, reclining, front/rear height adjustable driver power seat standard on VZ).
  • Specific jacquard moquette seat material.
  • Second row seatbelts with child seat locking mechanism.
  • Second row seat map lamp (excluding VZ with sunshine roof/front electric sunroof set option).
  • Interior lamp-synchronized keyless entry system.
  • Central horn-type steering wheel.
  • New Honda Navigation System as a factory installed maker option:
  • 6-inch wide display with twin-map function
  • Two-way “Inter Navi System”*.
  • VICS road information system interconnection (optional receiver).
  • Pre-setting of up to 5 check points on the way to destination.
  • “Highway Guide” function
  • “Landmark Display” function

* The Inter Navi System is a two-way navigation system capable of exchanging information with the outside via the Internet and direct connection with home-use personal computers. The system can also connect with cellular telephones via a specific adapter. The “Inter Navi Information Center” will start providing information in Inter Navi extended format starting January 1998. For safety reasons, operation while on the move is intentionally restricted. “Inter Navi System” is a brand name owned by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Honda Odyssey Prestige (RA5) 1997 Design Interior Exterior

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