Honda Pilot 2018 Family Vehicle Crossover Design

Honda Pilot 2018 Family Vehicle Crossover Design – The Honda Pilot 2018 is one of the trends among full size crossovers. By having a seat for eight people, this is the most versatile vehicle. The third generation Honda Pilot 2018 does not have a significant change as a family style crossover SUV vehicle.

Honda Pilot 2018 Family Vehicle Crossover Design

The design of the 2018 Honda Pilot which has soft angles and rounded fenders, the Honda Pilot balances glass into metal better than other competitors. Front exterior design that is still similar to its predecessor Pilot 2005 is curved to the front. The front bumper which is integrated with the fascia and lights looks quite aggressive. From the side, you can see the chrome frame on the glass which is very sweet, for the headlights from the side that blends into the headlights or brake lights at the back. The rear with chrome accented bumper that gives a sturdy impression.

The exterior of the Honda Pilot 2018 looks very good, with a neatly arranged cabin surrounded by lots of glass, from high side windows to the large panoramic roof available that floods the cabin with natural light. There are several design elements borrowed from the Accord sedan, as well as several utilities from the CR-V. All lines and soft material as a large touch screen place at the top trim level. A soft touch surface provides enough luxury to compare with other crossovers.

In the second row seats there is a pair of captain seats on the top trim, with a tray mounted on the floor with a cupholder. On the EX-L Trim and above, the power button folds forward the second row seat and moves it forward. The floor is low and there is room to climb back up to the third row, although it may be a strict climb for adults.

The front area provides exceptional comfort, this is supported by a pretty good seat. In the Pilot EX-L model it feels higher. The high driving position provides an impressive view of the vehicle even for short drivers.
the control storage at the front is placed in order and easy to operate. Steering wheel has unanimous control to operate the driver’s smart phone and car audio system, USB ports that are already available as well as passenger needs during the trip.

Behind the third row there is a large 18.5 cubic feet of luggage space and there is a reversible cargo panel for things that are messy or muddy. The third row seat is folded up to 55.9 cubic feet, and if the second row seat is folded up there is 109 big cubic feet of luggage space.

The 2018 Honda Pilot is a new version of the direct injection 3.5-liter V6. It was a beautiful machine that underlined Honda’s legendary reputation as an engine maker. By having an acceleration from zero to sixty in less than seven seconds. Trim LX, EX and EX-L use a 6-speed automatic transmission, while Trim Touring and Elite get a new 9-speed automatic, which carries one more mile per gallon. With 6-speed, there is a shift lever on the console. And speed 9 there are a bunch of buttons replacing the levers. 9-speed also has a Sport mode and shift logic that anticipates changes in downward gear, and can hold teeth when cornering.

The all-wheel-drive system has a torque vector that allows it to maneuver sharper turns, which doesn’t always work with soft suspensions. The 2018 Honda Pilot with large 20 inch wheels is softer damped. AWD can send power up to 70 percent to the rear wheels, and then divide the power between them using electronic actuators and hydraulic couplings.

The cool feature of the Pilot is the traction management system that allows the driver to choose the Normal, Snow, Mud or Sand mode. Drivetrain settings for ideal traction that provide serious capability for all weather, but are still limited, are not designed for off-road hardcore.

Honda Pilot 2018 Family Vehicle Crossover Design

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