Honda StepWGN Whitee 1998 Design Interior Exterior Car

Supported its StepWGN Whitee with the presentation today of the “StepWGN Almas1”. This most recent expansion to the prominent family mover “StepWGN” line-up elements a hydro-electric lift to lower/raise the second line left side seat, consequently helping incapacitated individuals in getting on board. This “StepWGN Almas” will be made accessible through Honda’s Primo, Verno and Clio organizes across the nation beginning August 25.

The “StepWGN Almas” follows in the means of the “Acty Almas” presented in June 1995, offering an explanation to market demands for a vehicle more qualified for medium to long range go via auto. This “StepWGN Almas” highlights a seat-on-lift framework which is progressively famous among autos for elderly and physically tested individuals. The second line left side seat can be brought adequately down to make the move to and from a wheel-seat a simple undertaking. ABS and double SRS airbag frameworks are incorporated as standard gear.

Hydro-electric seat lifter on second column left-hand side seat. Greatest load is 100 kgs, with an up/down lift scope of 448mm. The second column left-hand side seat is intended to keep traveler act notwithstanding amid lifting/bringing down operations. To this end, the chief seat style seat is extraordinarily outfitted with an armrest, a mid-section belt, a foldable foot plate and a leaning back seatback. Simple operation with seat turn and lift in two separate movements. Wheelchair storage room with locking gadget on the third line of seats. Traveler limit is 5 travelers.

Honda StepWGN Whitee 1998 Design Interior Exterior Car

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