Honda SUT Concept 2004 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Honda SUT Concept is a cutting edge truck idea intended to meet the changing tastes of shoppers acquiring trucks to oblige their dynamic, outside arranged ways of life. Exploiting its unibody underpinnings, the Honda SUT Concept consolidates the utility of an open load bed with the inside space and usefulness of a SUV and includes conventional Honda qualities including prevalent ergonomics, creative bundling, enjoyable to-drive character and amazing toughness, quality and unwavering quality.

With regards to Honda’s dedication to ecological and security authority, the Honda SUT Concept likewise sets another standard for fuel effectiveness, low discharges and wellbeing execution in the light-obligation truck fragment.

Imagined as a cutting edge truck, the SUT Concept’s fortified unibody undercarriage configuration considers new advances into the light truck showcase where truck utility is consolidated with creative bundling, lively taking care of and propelled wellbeing innovation.

The SUT Concept includes a refined and open lodge with seating for five grown-ups and a five-foot long payload bed with decreased interruption of the genuine wheel curves for amplified freight pulling capacities.

Worked around the picture of a dynamic youthful father, the Honda SUT Concept speaks to a combination of this “cool dad’s” family life stage and dynamic way of life – where ordinary work life and family duties are joined with end of the week games, side interests and family movement in one very handy, rough and useful vehicle.

The Honda SUT is additionally outlined as a definitive vehicle for uniting Honda’s different line of items, including bikes, off-road vehicles (ATV), individual watercraft, marine motors and power gear. “This vehicle serves as the center point of Honda movement,” said Dave Marek, boss originator of the Honda SUT Concept.

Notwithstanding offering an abnormal state of taking care of security, the SUT Concept likewise offers a full cluster of cutting edge wellbeing innovation. With regards to Honda’s “Security for Everyone” idea, the Honda SUT Concept incorporates wellbeing components, for example, side window ornament airbags with rollover sensors, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), front-side airbags with the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS), four-wheel non-freezing stopping devices and person on foot security highlights. With its unibody outline plan, the SUT Concept gives an abnormal state of inhabitant insurance alongside diminished hostility toward different vehicles in a frontal impact.

Honda SUT Concept 2004 Design Interior Exterior Car

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