Honda Vamos 2010 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Honda Vamos name was reintroduced in 1999, and was joined by its twin, the Honda Vamos Hobio in 2003. Both are microvans with 659 cc straight-3 SOHC E07Z fuel motors and are upper trim level renditions of the Honda Acty van. Four wheel drive is discretionary, utilizing Honda’s Full Time 4WD framework that uses a thick coupling. The motor is additionally accessible with a turbocharger with the greatest torque being restricted to 65PS.

Honda has concocted an exceptional release vehicle that consolidates my interest with all things kei with my affection for our canine companions. It’s all exceptionally Japanese obviously, which improves it even. Truly, stuff like this is the reason I watch out for JDM happenings.

This is the Honda Vamos Hobio Travel Dog. Also, no, I’m dead serious. This is a kei auto, one of those Japanese economy vehicles with constrained size, control and no VTECs. Truth be told it’s a trim level of the Honda Vamos ‘kei van’ in light of the Honda Acty ‘kei truck.’ This is a trim level intended for (proprietors of) pooches.

Honda Vamos 2010 Design Interior Exterior Car

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