Hummer 2-Door Pickup 1999 Agile Aggressive Design

Hummer 2-Door Pickup 1999 Agile Aggressive Design – Many changes and developments from Hummer in 1999 by requiring Hummer who is a Class III Truck to have ABS for the first time. The solution to maintain the greatness of Hummer Off-road and comply with the regulations is Torque Trac 4 or TT4. This electronic system preforms the BTM version but without driver participation. When the spinning wheel is detected, the brakes are automatically applied to the spinning wheel and torque is transferred to the wheel with traction. The new Torsen II differential works almost the same as the old Torsen but with less torque bias. The BTM manual still works on the ’99 Hummers but is not effective because of the lower torque bias.

Hummer 2-Door Pickup 1999 Agile Aggressive Design

There was an idea for the 1999 Hummer H1 with a simpler design that had two doors, it was quite unique with a larger pickup space, so it could carry more items than the 4-door 1999 Hummer H1. There was an empty weight reduction on the 1999 Hummer H1 2 door pickup design. The exterior does not reduce to garangan and aggressive in various steep terrain. With the pickup design on the Hummer H1 2 Door Pickup 1999 it looks more agile and moving.

Hummer 2-Door Pickup 1999 Agile Aggressive Design

Powertrain and Identification Information.

Cylinders V8
Displacement 6489 cm3
Power 145 KW @ 3400 RPM
197 HP @ 3400 RPM
194 BHP @ 3400 RPM
Torque 430 lb-ft @ 1800 RPM
583 Nm @ 1800 RPM
Fuel System Electronic Injection
Fuel Diesel
Top Speed 83 mph OR 134 km/h
Drive Type All Wheel Drive
Gearbox Automatic, 4 Speed
Front Discs
Rear Discs
Tire Size 37 X 12.50R-16.5 LT
Length 184.5 in OR 4686 mm
Width 86.5 in OR 2197 mm
Height 75 in OR 1905 mm
Wheelbase 130 in OR 3302 mm
Ground Clearance 16 in OR 406 mm
Unladen Weight 6564 lbs OR 2977 kg

Hummer 2-Door Pickup 1999

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