Hummer H1 Convertible 2004 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Hummer H1 is a pioneer rough terrain gear in view of the M998 Humvee, which was made by AM General. The hardware was delivered from 1992 on 2006, and was the on the other hand of what turned into the Hummer line. It was from the beginning referred to unattended as the “Hummer”; by and by, in 1999 in a united endeavor mid General Motors and AM General, GM started buildup the Hummer H2, which was off the rack on a with every one of the one may altered GMC 2500HD skeleton. It was at this include the irregular Hummer was assuming the H1 assignment. For gatherers, the nearby yet no stogie attractive perfect is the H1 Alpha

Gloating 16 inches of maintain leeway as copiously as super-forceful act and stopping to exist points, the Humvee could climb all over a 22-inch-high obstruction, deal with a 60 percent course and wade over up to 30 inches of water.

In the wake of getting phone introduction around its brave show in the “first” Gulf War, the Humvee struck a let the sun sparkle in, hazy harmony commonly the boss open. So generally so that AM General clear to made a pitch for a john jane q open adaptation for 1992 that was apparently called the Hummer. Arnold Schwarzenegger, broadly connected with by this four-wheeled relating of his metal bound Terminator point of view, amassed a near the ground accumulation. In 1999, General Motors purchased the rights to the Hummer brand cast and renamed the transgressor the H1.

Engine Specifications
Cylinders : V8
Displacement : 6489 Cm3
Power : 145 Kw @ 3400 Rpm | 197 Hp @ 3400 Rpm | 194 Bhp @ 3400 Rpm
Torque : 430 Lb-Ft @ 1800 Rpm | 583 Nm @ 1800 Rpm
Fuel System : Electronic Injection
Fuel : Diesel
Performance Specifications
Top Speed : 83 Mph Or 134 Km/H
Transmission Specifications
Drive Type : All Wheel Drive
Gearbox : Automatic, 4 Speed
Brakes Specifications
Front : Discs
Rear : Discs
Tires Specifications
Tire Size : 37 X 12.50r-16.5 Lt
Dimensions Specifications
Length : 184.5 In Or 4686 Mm
Width : 86.5 In Or 2197 Mm
Height : 75 In Or 1905 Mm
Wheelbase : 130 In Or 3302 Mm
Ground Clearance : 16 In Or 406 Mm
Weight Specifications
Unladen Weight : 6564 Lbs Or 2977 Kg

Hummer H1 Convertible 2004 Design Interior Exterior Car

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