Hyundai Aero Queen 2005 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The Hyundai Aero is a large coach built by the Hyundai Motor Company. Its primary use is as a tourist bus.

It is distinguishable by a front ‘Aero’ badge by Aero Space, Aero Express, and Aero Queen, but the common Hyundai badge is usually used on the rear.Aero Queen A luxurious long wheelbase, high deck bus with air suspension.
Enough to give comfort to the passengers who were in it, it is laden vehicle these people provide services to all passengers to feel comfortable and safe, so in accordance with the development and design of interior parts in buses made as comfortable as possible, because this bus has a mileage very much so will be a long time in the bus.
Hyundai Aeor Queen gives a comfort to all passengers on the way.
By having POWERTECH engine (CRDi) 6cylinder where Engine output 380 / 1900psi, Centralized A / C as well as the number of seats 50.

Hyundai Aero Queen 2005 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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