Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Tough Trucks Heavy Load

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Tough Trucks Heavy Load – Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 launched at the Seoul Motor Show. Hyundai Trago Xcient is a new benchmark in terms of fuel efficiency, styling and comfort for heavy trucks. The design is very nice and it is clear that it is inspired on the latest European trucks. The internal height of the cabin is 1895 mm, so the driver can stand upright on the inside. The bed has a width of 800 mm, and there is 1046 liters of storage space inside the cabin. That is a number that looks good among European trucks! Xcient is equipped with two machines. There are 10 liter H-engines with 320 Hp and 1900 Nm of torque. The second engine is a Powertech diesel with 520 Hp and 2500 Nm.

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Tough Trucks Heavy Load

The Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 integrates side-sideview mirror, roof guard, side gamish, mud guard, and other components such as the existing luxury sedans to deliver a sophisticated sense of identity. The aerodynamic design of the Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 is innovatively designed with the adoption of a windshield slope, front volume expansion, and dynamic line character application. Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 has Xcient optimal Space allowing faster indoor movement and activity with higher full height (+ 645 mm) and longer full length (+ 175 mm). Feel more comfort and freedom while driving.

To improve the visibility of Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013, the presence of blind spots is reduced by enlarging the outer mirrors and through the design / utilization of aerodynamic mirrors, noise and water-retaining phenomena on the diminished glass side. Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 has a hatch roof with tilt and slide adjustments to direct fresh air into the cabin for a natural cooling effect. Front grille and bumper Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Corner vane integrated large front grille and wide bumper. The presence of a colored body visor roof is equipped with twin angle marking lights. And the lightweight spoiler on the roof helps improve Hyundai Trago Xcient’s aerodynamics.

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Dashboard interior design spacious and spacious with sturdy steering as well as easy-to-reach instruments and panels

The asymmetrical 2013 Hyundai Trago Xcient design inspired by Euro is optimized layout and control. With the new profile driver’s seat which has cool / warm air vents, leather cover, seat-belt, seat-in-seat operation, air suspension where the multi-functional seat supports once. Includes indoor room lights Sleeper cabin housings with a length of 2180 mm and a width of 800 mm and has a bed on the second floor available on a high roof cabin.


With the improved fuel efficiency of Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 is guaranteed for maximum practicality and efficiency. Having this retarder system not only reduces vehicle maintenance, but also drastically improves driving safety and brake performance by increasing the life of brake lining. Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 is equipped with front cabin suspension with integrated spring and shock absorbers, the size of the enlarged shock absorbers produces lower vibration and better absorption of up / down pitching. Shock absorber lateral applying the left & bottom right vibration.

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Tough Trucks Heavy Load

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 that is durable at extreme low temperatures, To apply as much robust resistance as possible, Xcient has completed extreme low temperature tests in Ivalo, Finland and proved its strong strength and durability. Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 maintains structural resilience under any road conditions due to its robust design that widely implements structured cabs and high-tensile steels.

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 with anti-locking brake system (ABS) brings the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop and is very advantageous while driving under slippery road conditions. The driver can apply maximum pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about the wheel lock, slipping and losing subsequent controls. With ABS / ASR, the driver can maintain full vehicle direction stability at all times and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

The high-tensile front frame & chassis of Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 with roll forming method is applied to high-tensile frames and by increasing the frame length to 60 mm, this ensures ride comfort and excellent vehicle handling performance.

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 has many configurations tailored to its use as heavy truckloading tractors as well as mixers, dump trucks, cargo and other heavy loads. The Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 configuration is owned by Xcient 4×2, Xcient 6×2, Xcient 6×4 using either mixer truck, dump truck or tractor, Xcient 8×4 with long chassis.

Hyundai Trago Xcient 2013 Tough Trucks Heavy Load

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