International 9900i 2004 Tough Strong Dashing Truck

International 9900i 2004 Tough Strong Dashing Truck – The International 9900i 2004 that is able to do heavy-duty 2004 is designed to exceed expectations. Truck International transportation solutions are hassle-free. International Truck 9900i 2004 boasts Driveline Technology with Cummins ISX election, Eaton-Fuller Manual or Auto Shift transmission as well as Meritor driving axle, International 9900i 2004 truck is a popular transportation solution. Equipped with a 15 liter Cummins ISX engine, this truck delivers an impressive performance.

International 9900i 2004 with fuel economy and durability they lower operating costs. Braking systems improve safety and inspire driver confidence even on steep declines. Not only is this exceptional safety feature, strong brakes also result in less wear and tear.

International 9900i 2004 with cab is spacious with plenty of room for the driver. The spacious interior offers ample space for the driver to stand up. The updated air conditioning system offers extra ventilation. Another highlight of the cabin is the air-conditioned seats that can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual drivers.

The seat has been re-positioned to increase comfort on this 6×4 truck. Seat belts are an important safety feature of this truck. The convenience feature of International 9900i 2004 truck is its lockable storage compartment. Double sleeping cabins on double roofs provide a place to rest after a longer trip.

The International 9900i 2004 truck has a lower sleeping bed measuring 830mm x 2030mm and the top bunk also provides ample space for the driver to rest comfortably. The cabin is equipped with air-assisted couplings and glass windows made of colored curved glass for outstanding visibility. The interior cabin design comes with premium gray trim.

Truck International 9900i 2004 Tough Strong Dashing Design

Their plump cabins and bumper designs reduce aerodynamic obstacles. The International 9900i 2004 truck features self-diagnostic tests, which warn drivers of prospective operating problems. Troubleshooting is made easier with the color coded air line.

The Cummins 15 engine offers a special ability to configure the software engine according to the task. The point of this impressive feature is the more efficient fuel consumption. With Cummins ECM download you can review comprehensive fuel consumption information as well as driving data.

International Truck 9900i 2004 has a wheelbase of 3759 mm with a turning radius of 10200 mm. The governor of the electronic road speeds adds to the comfort of the operation. The Steering Ross TAS-65 includes additional gear. Telescopic steering column is a noteworthy feature of this truck.

International 9900i 2004

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