International LoneStar 2008 Big Rig Futuristic Style

International LoneStar 2008 Big Rig Futuristic Style – Truck with a futuristic design since it was presented in 2008, International LoneStar 2008 is better known in the world with the nickname “Batman truck”. A shining knight illuminating the night highway in the United States. International Trucks launched the first version of the Batman Truck-style LoneStar model. An appropriate nickname, because the first thing that strikes about the International LoneStar 2008 is the design that destroys many aesthetic prints that are currently popular in the United States and that also incorporate futuristic aspects with clear inspiration in one of International iconic models. In particular, the International LoneStar 2008 was inspired by the DMAXX truck launched by the International in 1939. A history that is very similar to the fantastic world of the first popular comics of the crusaders wearing robes. International LoneStar 2008 is by no means an industrial and commercial solitary star of the International Trucks. It actually offers something different that competes in the Class 8 market. Under the hood of the LoneStar International 2008, the machine defeated the MaxxForce 13 L engine with gas recirculation and about 475-500 hp, while in the interior the International Trucks designers have thought of every detail with a dashing and sumptuous theme, which provides comfort with decent shelter. If the external density of the chrome grille section is visually very captivating and gives the sensation of power, ……

International Saratoga 2011 Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Design

International Saratoga 2011 Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Design – The Navistar International Saratoga was introduced in 2011. This light tactical vehicle was developed by Navistar Defense. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 3260 kg. It can also tow a trailer or light artillery. The cabin accommodates the driver and three full army, plus and optional shooters. International Saratoga 2011 can be customized to meet various needs. Navistar International Saratoga 2011 as a military vehicle that can be equipped with metallic or ceramic armor to enhance protection. This tactical vehicle holds small arms fire, shrapnel artillery and IED explosion. Navistar International Saratoga 2011 can be armed with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun mounted on the roof, or a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. It can also be installed with weapon stations that are controlled remotely. International Saratoga 2011 uses a number of available Navistar automotive components. The tactical vehicle is powered by a 6 liter MaxxForce turbocharged diesel engine, developing 340 hp, which is also developed by Navistar. The engine is paired with Allison 6 speed automatic transmission. International Saratoga 2011 is equipped with a central tire inflation system. The vehicle has a hydropneumatic suspension and can kneel, so the height is reduced to 1.93 m. This feature is used for air transport and storage on board. International Saratoga 2011

International Navistar & Tatra Launched ATX 2010 Tactical Vehicles

International Navistar & Tatra Launched ATX 2010 Tactical Vehicles – International Navistar and Tatra made variations of trucking vehicles to compete and to fill the needs of military logistics trucks. This varied vehicle is a truck with a cruising range and heavy field can be passed. International Navistar and Tatra ATX6 and ATX8 which provide a flexible platform that can meet military needs, while also allowing additional enhancements as mission demands evolve. In addition, the family of International Navistar and Tatra ATX 2010 vehicles deliver solutions in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 configurations. ATX6 with 6×6 and ATX8 configurations with 8×8 years of setup this year 2010 as a tactical vehicle tailored to the needs of transportation logistics, where ATX8 greater strength and attractiveness compared with ATX6. ATX6 and ATX8 as an ATX family 2010 produced together are part of the family of vehicles offered by Navistar and Tatra, a.s. ATX6 and ATX8 incorporate International Navistar engine technology and other vehicle components with proven backbone-tube chassis designs from Tatra and independent suspension systems. The Tatra chassis concept uses swinging half-axles for ATX family 2010 mobility from International Navistar and Tatra as world class tactical vehicles and adds resistance to breakage and destruction of the chassis.