International FTTS 2007 Lively Tactical Vehicle

International FTTS 2007 A Lively Tactical Vehicle – The hybrid Future Tactical Truck System was designed in 2007 to replace the existing fleet of vehicles proving incapable of following the current combat operational tempo due to its complex logistical footprint, weak absorption in C-130 aircraft and inefficient fuel economy, waiver of the Army US. Especially in the design of International FTTS 2007 is fuel efficiency, because experts determined that 70 percent of the battlefield logistics involve the provision of fuel. Proposals by Navistar International and Lockheed Martin, International FTTS 2007 and Lockheed International FTTS 2007 Utility Vehicles were selected. Fewer trucks mean less needed mechanics and fewer tools are needed because sophisticated software and Future Tactical Truck System sensors improve their reliability. FTTS-MSV is intended to provide cargo transportation and distribution, equipment and personnel. The American Company Navistar proposes vehicles within the framework of this program, International FTTS 2007.

International FTTS 2007 Lively Tactical Vehicle

Future Tactical Truck System is a family of trucks, initially consisting of only two variants: Maintenance Vehicle Maneuver (MSV) and Utility Vehicle (UV). UV, with a payload of up to 3 tons, is intended to replace 2 and 1/2-ton and under Light Tactical Vehicles (LTV) in Unit of Action (UA). Both MSV and UV will provide organic support to FCS UA brigades for cargo, equipment and personnel distribution, as well as for command and control operations (C2). The Army Action Unit (UA) is spreading around the world and should be ready to perform operations across all operational settings.

International FTTS 2007 has four wheel drive and four wheel drive. Since the power comes from the rear of the cab, the front and rear suspensions have more room to work (141/2 inches of travel). Another advantage of this arrangement is that the 3.0L produces 220 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque, and can be replaced if needed in 30 minutes. Navistar Vehicle engined with MWM 4.08TCE 3.0L I4 TurboDiesel with 220 hp power, pair with 5 speed automatic transmission (Ford 5R110W TorqueShift).


Armament : One 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun
Country users : US Army program
Designer Country : United States
Accessories : Cabin heating, tires with run-flat
Crew : 2 + 2
Armor : Enhanced ballistic and mine protection.
Weight : 8,170 kg
Range : 965 km
Dimensions : Lenght, 5.46 m; Width, 2.34 m; Height, 2.1 m

International FTTS 2007 A Lively Tactical Vehicle

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