International HX Series 2016 Designed Outwork Outlasted

International HX Series 2016 Designed Outwork Outlasted – International Truck launched the International HX Series 2016, a new line of premium Class 8 trucks designed to provide the strength and durability needed for the heavy services industry. The launch of the HX Series confirms as an innovation commitment, dedication to uptime in the industrial world of all fields in accomplishing heavy tasks that can be done by International HX trucks.

International HX Series 2016 Designed Outwork Outlasted 6×4 Tractor

International HX Series 2016 addresses various application needs. Four International HX Series 2016 models will be offered, with the front axle set-forward and set-back models either on short or long hoods, depending on the application.

The HX515 is a 115″ BBC Set-forward Axle Straight Truck with primary vocations including concrete mixer, construction dump, refuse/roll-off and crane.
The HX615 is a 115″ BBC Set-back Axle Truck or Tractor with primary vocations including construction dump, concrete mixer, platform stake/crane and refuse/roll-off.
The HX620 is a 120″ BBC Set-back Axle Truck or Tractor with primary vocations including heavy haul tractor, construction dump and platform stake/crane.
The fourth model, the HX520, is a 120 “BBC Axle Truck or Tractor Forward with major calls including heavy haul tractors, dump construction and stake / crane platforms, which will be officially unveiled at Truck World in Toronto in April.
The HX515 and HX615 models are powered by the Navistar® N13 engine, while the HX520 and HX620 models offer the Cummins® ISX15 engine.

Each model in International HX Series 2016 presents four key design principles: maximum strength and durability, driver productivity, bold style and superior working time.

International HX Series 2016 for construction applications where durability, freedom, driving ability. To do the heavy work properly, HX International is only available for the industry of 3.5 million RBM 0.5 “single huck-bolt, friendly compact hood frame and front-set axle built to cope with the weight of a tight axle with optimal maneuverability , International HX Series is more than just shipping.

International HX Crane. Increase expectations about what a crane truck is. Featuring more machines, easier, better, better, and more efficient, and smooth point-to-point electrical systems for easy access and capability, the International HX Series 2016 sets the bar beyond the reach of competition.

International HX Heavy Haul, either delivering fresh cut wood, transporting bulk aggregates or transporting heavy equipment, International HX Series 2016 is built to transport loads. With the relentless power of Cummins ISX15 and multiple or tridem search options as Ip up to 70,000 lbs.

International HX Concrete Mixer. That is why to configure the mixer, the International HX Series 2016 with the huck-bolt frame and its cross members, the asymmetric front spring package and large diesel engine drill option have been designed, built and proven to bring durability, durability, and workfor every workplace.

International HX Series 2016 Designed Outwork - International HX 8×4 Big Heavy Wreckers

And many more International HX Series 2016 applications that can solve the problem of the transportation industry. For example heavy loader trucks with Axle 8×4 tridem configurations, flatbed with long chassis or jobs that require Big Heavy Wreckers.

International HX Series 2016 Designed Outwork Outlasted

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