Irisbus Domino 2008 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Irisbus Domino 2008 Design Interior Exterior Bus Irisbus Domino is a vacationer mentor bodywork in Italy on EuroRider frame (Cursor motor). The bodywork is marked Pininfarina. The transport, once in a while called New Domino, accessible in two statures, Domino HD and Domino HDH. Likewise, Italian transport producer IRISBUS is utilizing the glue to bond gear entryway boards to the aluminum body of the Domino HD transport.

The HDH model is conspicuous on account of the coffers put over the axles. The huge appearance of the transport is fortified by the dark dull tinted windows. Very uncommon in France, Domino will be worked by Faure and RTD Ain on lines in the shades of the Rhones-Alpes locale.

The transport is the most recent era, natural class Euro 5 and outfitted with all solaces: leaning back seats furnished with safety belts at a few focuses, table recreations, video framework with two LCD screens, hello fi, driver mouthpiece, lady amplifier, master perception camera, street camera, aerating and cooling, latrine, espresso machine, scaled down bar.

The pride of Irisbus Iveco is currently a present day, far reaching and inventive item extend which it gives complete scope of all sections of the European and world markets, urban and rural transports, school, transports, voyaging, trekking and remote.

Irisbus Domino 2008 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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