Irisbus Evadys H 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Irisbus Evadys H 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The transport Evadys H is essentially expected for general lines. In the Irisbus range, it is found simply over the Arway. The back board is taken from Arway, and both sides are from the Evadys HD, the grille and the highest point of the structure. Accessible in two lengths (12 and 12.8 m), the transport is furnished with Cursor 8 motor (Euro 4 and Euro 5 EEV discretionary).

The primary Evadys H are collected in 2007 by the Irisbus plant in Annonay (Ardèche). From mid-2011, generation of Evadys H is exchanged to the chain of processing plant Vysoké Mýto (Czech Republic). The get together of these vehicles is then coordinated on the same creation line as Récréo, Crossway and Arway.

The transport is aerated and cooled, the gear is introduced on the rooftop at the front. In any case, few duplicates will have a coordinated air in a freight hold. This establishment diminishes the stature of the transport.

Evadys H 12 Evadys H 12.8
length: 11,976 m 12 708 m
Width : 2.55 m 2.55 m
axles: 2 2
wheelbase: 6.2 m 6965 m
Cantilever before: 2.483 m 2.483 m
Cantilever rear: 3.293 m 3.293 m
Turning radius : 8,854 m 9.851 m
capacity: 63 passengers

Irisbus Evadys H 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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