Irizar Scania i4 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Irizar Scania i4 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Together with Scania’s key accessory for lifting weights Irizar, Scania presents the Scania Irizar i4 on the European market. With models suitable for intermittent or reliable organization, the i4 grows the choice in both the intercity additionally, tutor bits. The Scania Irizar i4 will be sold and upgraded through Scania’s framework, outfitting customers with full sponsorship covering organization, upkeep and parts supply.

Scania’s offer in the intercity and at the low end of the guide area has so far consolidated the Scania Irizar InterCentury and the Scania OmniLine. With the late presentation of the Scania OmniExpress and the new Scania Irizar i4, Scania on a very basic level intensifies its offer in this significantly engaged part. Scania has the particular promoting a solid match for Irizar things in Europe outside Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

The i4 continues with the extraordinary and trendsetting styling subject from Scania Irizar, guaranteeing it will scarcely pass unnoticed in any environment. It is furthermore the to begin with coach in this bit to meet the stricter R66-01 regulation for rollover quality expected that would come into force within the accompanying couple of years. Dealing with and ergonomics are five star. This, united with the response and driveability of the powertrain, makes for an unusual condition of driver offer. Open in three story outlines and two inside trim subjects, with a couple axles and a limitless collection of lengths running from 11 to 15 m, the Scania Irizar i4 is astoundingly versatile. It can be hand crafted to various sorts of rare or general operation and the point of interest can even be updated for both purposes, e.g. to fill in as standard organization transport in the midst of the weeks and after that serve as occasional organization guide in the midst of weekends.

Irizar Scania i4 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The structure for ordinary organization is available with 270-340 hp engines. Suitable for standard country and short-partition intercity operation, the way, at 860 mm, is countersunk all through the length of the vehicle. A lone gateway is fitted at the front and, to quicken explorer stream, a wide gateway with likelihood for wheelchair access in the inside. Circulating air through and cooling is standard. The adjustment for coincidental organization has a higher floor level all through the
voyager zone, either level or with a way, allowing more liberal apparatus workplaces for use in the midst of weekends. One single passage is fitted at the front and one in the middle, with the decision of a more broad focus portal for wheelchair access.

Front suspension is free for included comfort and cooling is standard. Engine yields extend some place around 310 and 380 hp. All engines have Scania EGR, exhaust gas dispersion, for most great solace,
requiring no included substances and no extra tanks on-board. Normal Scania qualities are effectiveness and driveability with liberal torque from low engine revs. A couple gearbox choices are available. Standard is a manual gearbox with electronic moving (Scania Comfort Shift). Choices consolidate a manual gearbox with automated gearchanging (Scania Opticruise) or totally modified ZF gearboxes.
All gearboxes are outfitted with retarders.

Irizar Scania i4 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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