Isuzu FSR750 2009 Design Interior Exterior Truck

The F-Series of trucks from Isuzu is the most well known and trusted scope of substantial obligation trucks in South Africa. This does not shock anyone, as the extent offer most extreme force while as yet fitting in with Isuzu’s “SEE” rationality Safety, Economy, and Environmental consideration. Perceived as the most cutting edge Japanese designed trucks in South Africa, the F-Series of Isuzu trucks, accessible through the Isuzu Trucking Center. These vehicles are electronically overseen, fuel productive and most are fitted with ABS slowing mechanisms to maintain a high security standard.With 13 distinct models accessible in the extent, the Isuzu F-Series’ Gross Vehicle Mass reaches from 10000kg to a mind blowing 26000kg. This can be significantly further stretched out, up to 32000kg GVM in the FVR-900 – suited for trailer operations.

The Isuzu FSR 750 Crew Cab is a 13 500kg GCM truck offering completely homologated seating for seven – a driver and six travelers in a substantial obligation 4X2 model with the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). Another point of preference included with the FSR 750 specialized determination is an electro-water driven taxi tilt system, permitting simple access when required.

An expansive scope of back bodies to browse. Whether you require a refrigerated lodge or a waste transfer unit, the F-Series will be suited to the errand. Custom worked to handle the hardest situations. The F-Series comes fitted with high-malleable steel fortifications fitted in the entryway pillars and at the edges of the lodge to keep the driver safe from side impacts. Agreeable lodges. Isuzu F-Series lodges are constantly extensive, guaranteeing that drivers and travelers alike are certain to have an agreeable ride. Lodges are likewise fitted with glass holders, an inside seat plate, extra storage room and a radiator/defroster.

Specification detail of Isuzu FSR750

Isuzu FSR750 2009 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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