Iveco Acco 2007 Trucks Heavy Load Designs

Iveco Acco 2007 Trucks Heavy Load Designs – The Iveco Acco has a long history behind and launched starting in 1972. Since then Iveco Acco has continued to be upgraded and the latest one was made in 2007, with new exterior design along with increased comfort and efficiency. The Iveco Acco is powered by the 2010 Cummins ISL-E5 engine which is available with three power ratings, ranging from 260 hp to 315 hp.

The front has an Iveco-shaped “V” grille that is traversed by two horizontal lines. The headlights are lowered to the bumper, which makes the front fascia of the truck clean enough. The main light looks round. One-piece steel bumpers are installed deeper for greater protection as a result that may occur during heavy working conditions.

Iveco Acco 2007 Trucks Heavy Load Designs - Iveco Acco 10×4 Mixer

Access into Iveco Acco 2007 becomes rather difficult, because the steps are placed high enough from the ground. However, once inside, the 2.2 meter long taxi is spacious and spacious, offering plenty of space. Iveco Acco 2007 may have a more modern dashboard with intuitively placed controls. Iveco Acco 2007 seats include the most uncomfortable unit for finding the right driving position. Fortunately the steering wheel has an ergonomic design and can also be slightly adjusted to improve driving position.

The visibility of Iveco Acco 2007 is not blocked by a windscreen large enough to provide a clear view of the road. Side visibility is also pretty good and the mirror has a bit of a blind spot. Iveco Acco 2007 is equipped with cruise control, air conditioning, power windows and AM / FM radio with CD player. To improve versatility, ACCO is also available with multiple controls to handle multiple garbage collection applications.

Iveco Acco 2007 engine is equipped with 8 cylinder 8-cylinder 8-cylinder engine Cummins ISL-E5 8-cylinder. The machine fits perfectly with the truck’s utilitarian character and is available with three outputs including 260hp, 285hp and 315hp. Maximum torque of 1055Nm for 260hp and 285hp and 1350Nm models for 315hp units ensures that Iveco Acco 2007 can carry large payloads without feeling underpowered. To improve efficiency and lower fuel consumption, ISC Cummins engine includes catalytic converter, stainless steel aluminized stainless steel exhaust, revised gantry design and particulate filter.

Iveco Acco 2007 with various transmission options that include Eaton 9, 10, 11 and 13 speed manual transmissions, as well as Allison 5 or 6 speed automatic transmissions primarily intended for the use of compactors and agitators. There is also power take off (PTO) with standard pump mounting bracket with automatic and optional gun for manual.

To cope with various applications, the truck is offered with a range of rear suspensions that include Hendrickson air suspension, rubber spring or Iveco three-stem leaf spring, with an initial capacity of 9 to 18.1 tonnes. In addition, Iveco Acco 2007 is also available with Airtek front air suspension.

Iveco Acco 2007

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