Iveco EcoDaily Van 2011 Vehicles Versatile And Efficient

Iveco EcoDaily Van 2011 Vehicles Versatile And EfficientIveco EcoDaily 2009 – 2011 latest version of the van panel that can support the company as a medium-sized conveyance. Its exterior style is also quite modern while the new interior offers decent comfort and top ergonomics. Iveco EcoDaily is available in configurations ranging from 3.5 tons to 7.0 tons, there is a large amount of flexibility when choosing configurations. Ten engine options are available, and automatic sequential gearbox can be installed as an option as well.

The grille now has more expressive and clever designs giving a touch of dynamism to the entire front fascia. We also love the new headlamps that have an attractive petal shape that fits perfectly with other body parts. The 2010 update center is around the addition of green technology, with Iveco EcoDaily engine that complies with Euro 5 emission standards, while natural gas or electric power is available for the first time.

Iveco EcoDaily with new interior design represents a big step forward, compared to previous generations. New materials are also better, but they still have the same hard texture that is typical for large van panels. EcoDaily maintains a stylish dashboard designed by renowned Italian designer Giorgetto Guigiaro (italdesign). It’s functional and wear-resistant while maintaining a stylish look.

Iveco EcoDaily Van 2011 Vehicles Versatile And Efficient

Iveco EcoDaily with its new dashboard has an ergonomic design and can also be found on the actual model. The center console has an attractive design as well, and all the controls are placed within easy reach. To leave a clean floor and offer more space for passengers, Iveco installs the doping knob directly into the dashboard. This position makes it easy to use and also fits perfectly with interior design.

The driver’s seat is air-popping, which is very convenient and excellent for long-distance driving. The seats can also be adjusted on each axis, which means even though the large steering wheel is not adjustable, you can always find a decent driving position.

Another Iveco EcoDaily equipment is to have a radio / CD player present as standard, and you can specify Bluetooth USB and Fiat connectivity systems with steering control as well. In the crewcab configuration you get seven large chairs with headrests. And for the use of freight of multipurpose goods enough to provide flexibility with the middle door side by sliding or through the back door. And much more Iveco EcoDaily in accordance with other logistics needs

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