Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 Dynamic Truck Medium Freight

Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 Dynamic Truck Medium Freight – In early May 2008, Iveco Group presented to the public Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 model, which has undergone changes in essence and style. To get acquainted with the new stuff, a new EuroCargo with 4×2 wheel settings at Iveco technical center. The main objective of the EuroCargo medium duty is to transport goods in the city or suburbs, as well as the use of utilities in public utilities.

A sturdy and reliable carrier frame and flat chassis that has no protruding sections allows the installation of almost any body structure of 3845 to 10070 millimeters long, this is one of the benefits of Iveco’s chassis in front of a competitor. The total weight of the new EuroCargo ranges from 6 to 19 tons, so potential buyers have many options. For the new EuroCargo series truck, three cabin variants were developed: a low day, a more comfortable cabin with a bed and cabin with two rows of seats, which can accommodate up to six people.

Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 has a choice of several options for seats, from the simplest to the most comfortable, with air suspension. This 4-cylinder diesel engine with a working volume of 3.9 liters with a capacity of 140 to 182 horses and a 6-cylinder inline diesel engine with a working volume of 5.9 liters, develops a maximum power of 217 to 300 horsepower.

Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 Dynamic Truck Medium Freight

All new EuroCargo models meet the Euro-5 environmental requirements. New EuroCargo comes with 6; or 9-step ZF mechanical gearbox or 6-step robotics, as well as a fully automatic 5-step, Allison hydrodynamic box. All ZF transmissions use synthetic oil, which requires replacement after every 300,000 kilometers.

This machine also uses synthetic, but it is necessary to change the oil through 240 thousand kilometers. Automatic boxes are installed on models with a gross weight of 12 tons. The new KP is much more noisy than their predecessors. In the car under consideration, a progressive braking system is used, which ensures increased driving safety. All models, with a capacity of 180 horses, have a motor brake. In vehicles ranging from 6 to 10 tons, pneumatic brake movers are used in addition to hydraulic brakes, and pneumatic brakes are fully fitted only on 11 ton models.

Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 has a parabolic design from the spring in the front and rear axle. The rear axle pneumatic suspension is mounted on all of these branded cars with 4×2 wheel formulas. In the full mass range from 6 to 14 tons, two pneumatic cylinders are used on the machine, and on models from 15 to 19 tons.

As for the front axle, here air suspension is only used on trucks weighing 8 to 15 tons. For test drives, 13 new Iveco EuroCargo models are provided. We got EuroCargo ML140E25 / FP. It is a metal van with cabin and high berth. The total weight is 14 tons. 5.9 liter engine capacity, 250 “horses” capacity, 6-step robotic gearbox, wheel-pneumatic suspension. The cabins are completely updated from the outside. The radiator grille and front panel indicate that the car belongs to the latest Iveco model family.

Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008 has an updated front wing design. The cabin door opens at a fairly large angle, forming a solid opening. For convenience entries there are two notched steps and two handrails along the opening edge. The comfortable position behind the wheel can be found quickly thanks to the high air suspension seat, as it has the required range of settings, as well as the steering column, which can be adjusted in angles and height.

In the center of the new instrument panel there is a remote control panel, which ensures the driver is developing due to enhancements with enhanced functionality. The panel itself is made of high quality plastic. At the top of the cabin and on the door panels a large number of all kinds of alcoves and pockets for personal items and documents. Above the driver’s head there is radio, radio, and tachographs. Double passenger seats quite comfortable.

It is worth mentioning the existence of a motor brake, which is supported by a depressed accelerator pedal (in a speeding situation) or when the brake pedal is depressed. Naturally, the car is equipped with a full set of mirrors, which include two main ones, one on the windshield, the second on the right, called the sidewalk.

To help the roadside mirror on the right door, a small window is made, which will greatly simplify the parking lot. Summarizing acquaintances with the new Iveco EuroCargo, we can say that this is a high quality product. Thanks to modern appearance, reliability, economy, excellent driving performance, and a large number of modifications, this truck will become a competitor in the medium tonnage market.

Iveco EuroCargo 140E25 E5 2008

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