Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 With Design Comfort Passengers

Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 With Design Comfort Passengers – Based on the success of its predecessor Magelys, Magelys transforms every journey into an unforgettable enjoyable experience using High Value content and the new look of the Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017.

Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 is designed for national and international routes, tourist transport, shuttle service and VIP club transfer, Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 is a new coach who supports the spirit of traveling to anywhere in the most comfortable and safest way. Iveco Magelys 2017 is offered in two sizes: 12.2m and 12.8m, 12.8m long sizes are also available with ramp and special room for disabled people. and 3 versions: Line, Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge.

Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 is suitable for different missions through its unique driveline to meet the most demanding operators’ expectations and to reduce fuel consumption. Customized solutions easily meet passenger needs in terms of comfort, leisure and leisure travel with exquisite interior design with seats and placement so immensely pampering the passengers. New technologies, such as Wi-Fi networks, USB outlets and power plugs, are available to connect with the rest of the world.

Safety has always been the first and Magelys stands out through the adoption of a state-of-the-art and technologically advanced system:

  • LDWS – Lane Departure Warning System
  • ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control
  • ESP – Electronic Stability Program
  • EBS – Electronic Braking System

High standards in life journey and the new Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 journey are provided by a combination of features and technology, all devoted to maximum passenger comfort, such as:

  • Unique roof construction, with large glass roof arches to provide a great panoramic view to the passengers
  • Optimized thermal comfort with air conditioning and climate control
  • Customized interior design and definitely comfort is superior
  • On-board services and devices for on-the-go entertainment

Design Interior Dashboard Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017

The new Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017 offers customers the possibility to reduce the layout of only 30 premium seats, comparable to the best seats for VIP club transfers.

Magelys Pro

  • Magelys Line + toilets, medium-range passenger seats
  • 2 19 “LCD motor screens, recliner and receiver microphones, lateral drive consoles, leather-rear steering

Lounge Magelys

  • Magelys Pro + central roof windows, luxury leather passenger seats
  • Hostess box, coffee machine, 3 19 “LCD display, USB connector, Wi-Fi, GPS, 220V plug
  • US Tronic gearbox, vacuum cleaner, camera mistress, road camera

Iveco Magelys Pro Lounge 2017

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