Iveco Stralis 2002 Design Interior Exterior Truck

The Iveco Stralis is an overwhelming obligation truck created by the Italian maker Iveco since 2002. The Stralis supplanted the EuroStar and EuroTech models; it covers the extent over the Eurocargo, somewhere around 19 and 44 tons. The flame rendition of the Stralis discharged with the German based Iveco Magirus. The main stages were the presentation of the three motors in the Cursor family (from 240 to 480 HP), the new computerized gearboxes, and a four-circle electronically controlled stopping mechanism, and in addition the appropriation of electronic administration and association of the drive train and frame.

The accompanying new components now being exhibited are pretty much as essential as the past ones, and, as they contact with picture, might be significantly more the taxicab, outside styling and streamlined capacities. The driving position and dashboard, living space in the taxi, the scope of motors on offer, finished with the 540 HP adaptation of the Cursor 13. Stretched out electronic frameworks to the full scope of vehicle controls. To flag the finish of the change process, Iveco has made another name for its scope of substantial obligation street vehicles Stralis. Iveco has sought after three clear goals from the beginning to offer vehicles which would react to the changing needs of transport today and to decrease working costs (fuel and oil utilization).

In 1998 Iveco exhibited the Cursor 8, a six chamber, 7.8 liter motor accessible on the EuroTech in four renditions from 240 to 352 HP. The Cursor 8 was a totally imaginative motor, made utilizing best in class innovation. With electronically controlled pump unit infusion actuated by an overhead cam shaft, a decompression motor brake, and another variable geometry turbocharger which adjusts electronically to react to power requests. Its greatest yield of 45 HP/liter and dry weight of only 678 kg made a significant blend. In four years’ serious use on medium-overwhelming obligation tractors, the 352 HP Cursor 8 has demonstrated the nature of its engineering regarding unwavering quality and working productivity. On the event of the dispatch of the Cursor 8 the Iveco organize likewise actualized a particular preparing program on electronic motor administration.

In 1999 the 10.3 liter Cursor 10 motor was exhibited on EuroTechs and EuroStars, at two force yields: 390 and 430 HP, this motor depends on the same configuration as the Cursor 8. Additionally presented were electronically controlled braking with circle brakes (E.B.S.), CAN-BUS inner information communciation framework and EuroTronic gearbox all utilizing gadgets. Iveco’s move to hardware was in this manner complete, and the Cursor 10 satisfied all desires as respects unwavering quality and running expenses.

Toward the end of 2000 the 12.9 liter Cursor 13 was fitted to the vehicles in the development site range, up to 440 HP. Toward the start of 2001, the EuroStar range saw its most recent expansion fit as a fiddle of a 480 HP variant of the Cursor 13. In the meantime the EuroTronic full computerized gearbox was presented. Every expansion in force was coordinated by an adjustment in the motor brake, fueled by a variable geometry turbocharger to give improved braking torque, up to 400 HP on the Cursor 13.

Iveco Stralis 2002 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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