Iveco Tector 240E28S 6×2 Chassis 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Iveco Tector 240E28S 6×2 Chassis 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck – The truck Iveco Tector is a route sort of model overwhelming tonnage, flexible, fabricated by Argentine and Brazilian backups Iveco Argentina Brazil the Iveco Italian maker from 2008. This model is collected CKD in Venezuela by FIAV CA.

This truck is particular toward the South American market which, not at all like Europe or the EuroCargo range encountered its third era in 2014, in accordance with the Euro 6 standard, Latin America, Iveco has taken after the same pattern yet renamed the reach. The Tector has been intended to better address the issues of neighborhood transporters by further growing the Eurocargo extent is supplanted by three models:

IVECO 4×2 Vertis holders for entry level, 2 models of 9 and 13 tons of PTC, porters and tractors Iveco Tector for heavy mid-range porters and Cavallino IVECO Cursor tractors in Brazil or Argentina for the heavy range. The Iveco Tector utilizes the powerful structure of the body EuroCargo high range, with a limit of 17-26 tons. The lodge is indistinguishable to that of the EuroCargo 2008 in the 4×2 and 6×2 forms yet is lengthened and has a bed in adaptations 6×4, expected for whole deal.

Iveco Tector 240E28S 6x2 Chassis 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck

The motor fits in with the scope of Tector motors is at the cutting edge of innovation and guarantees better ecological security on the grounds that in spite of the fact that consenting to Euro5 norms, it attempts to B5 biodiesel, generally conveyed in Argentina and Brazil. This motor is a FPT-Fiat Powertrain Technologies 6 chamber direct infusion basic rail 4.9 liter motor, creating 250 hp at 1900 rev/min.

The Iveco Tector is accessible in bearer adaptation semitrailer tractor. Dissimilar to Europe, where the race for force above 400 hp is the principle, Latin American nations keep on leaning toward motors somewhere around 200 and 300 hp for substantial business vehicle blends, notwithstanding for street trains.

On November 18, 2014, Iveco dispatched another passage level rendition of Tector intended to meet the requests of a hearty vehicle for bearers with cumbersome products: the Tector 150E21 Economy. Based on the specialized premise of Tector, from the Eurocargo range, it includes the new FPT NEF motor 45 of 4,500 cm3 motor creating 206 DIN HP and PTC gives 15 tons. This model is accessible in 2 4×2 adaptations: protected bearer with a PTC or conveying 15 tons with trailer for a gross mix weight of 27 tons.

Brochure of Iveco Tector 240E28S 6X2

Iveco Tector 240E28S 6×2 Chassis 2008 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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