Iveco Trakker Hi-Land 500 8×4 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Iveco Trakker Hi-Land 500 8×4 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck – Iveco knew how to emerge as really newsworthy in the midst of the 2012 IAA motor show in Hannover! Not simply did the make displayed their new Stralis Hi-Way tractor unit and won the Truck of the Year 2013 reward for this vehicle however Iveco in like manner unveiled the new type of their rough terrain tractor unit, the Iveco Trakker. This truck, meanwhile extreme and pleasing to drive is readied to work in quarries and improvement districts over the world.

Identifying with the new range at the NEC is a Trakker Hi-Track 8×4 unbendable undercarriage (AT340T41K) highlighting a low-housetop sleeper taxi. It develops for its striking Dakar green modern office paintwork, made acclaimed by Petronas Team De Rooy, which won the Dakar Rally in 2012 and secured six stage triumphs in 2013. Trakker is a veritable workhorse, for it holds the comfort offered with the Stralis, however packaged to suit the asking for necessities of heads who require the ability to go unpleasant territory. Its taxis have been delivered almost around the new Stralis Hi-Road and Hi-Street models.

New vehicles can even be resolved with the same Iveconnect advancement led in Stralis; a system for managing the satellite course structure, driver reinforce gadgets, infotainment and moved fleet organization organizations. The updated Trakker range involves three taxi choices – the Trakker Hi-Land has a day taxicab with low housetop while the Trakker Hi-Track has a sleeper taxi for missions that require the driver to spend the night on board. The Hi-Track taxi can then be resolved with either a low or high housetop.

From the start, Iveco’s target with the new Trakker was to make a vehicle offering the comfort of a road vehicle, yet attempted to handle advancement areas, quarries and go earth street cavorting missions. Iveco has completely upgraded the taxicabs to use materials of a much higher quality, with top-quality plastics and against scratch meds, adding to the energetic and ergonomic look and feel of the dashboard. All gets and switch controls are unmistakable and easily open for the driver without hoping to leave the comfort of their seat.

External taxicab styling is depicted by an unmistakable new grille and in the current style light social affairs which are secured against accident. The watchman moreover joins a stage which, together with two handles consolidated into the front grille, supports basic cleaning of the windscreen.

The new Trakker is equipped with the FPT Industrial Cursor engines which ensure a ton of power and torque for the most troublesome uneven region. Proposed to guarantee awesome execution, simplicity of ownership and common driving comfort – the new range is open with Cursor 8 or Cursor 13 engines, with migrations of 7.8 and 12.8 liters independently, and offering power yields from 310 to 500 hp. At to begin with, the latest Trakker models will be offered with engines meeting the latest Enhanced Environmentally pleasant Vehicle (EEV) outpourings limits – with Euro VI Hi-eSCR varieties to take after.

The Cursor 8 engine components a variable-geometry turbo and in-line six-barrel auxiliary arranging, whilst the Cursor 13 is ideal for the most asking for applications in the most difficult circumstances, passing on high torque at low rpm for mind boggling drivability. The Cursor 13 is open in 450 hp and 500 hp frames with variable-geometry turbo, or as a 410 hp interpretation with adjusted geometry turbo and a waste-gate.

Detail Spec Iveco Trakker Hi-Land 500 8×4

Iveco Trakker Hi-Land 500 8×4 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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