Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 Medium Truck Ergonomic Design

Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 Medium Truck Ergonomic Design – The Iveco Vertis 90V is launched in the Latin American market and features an attractive design. As a medium-sized goods carrier that greatly facilitates the mobilization of hauling of plantation products for example. The Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 cabin has an aerodynamic style with large air intakes and a large Iveco badge in the center.

The ergonomic ergonomic front exterior Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 is dominated by Iveco’s distinctive “V” grille that sets the tone for a dynamic style that is also reinforced by modern headlamps and windshield in concert with bumper cover will proceed bold designs initiated by the grille and equipped with a large central air intake and two small rectangular fog lights.

Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 Medium Truck Ergonomic Design

Ground clearance Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 is low enough that allows to enter and exit the cabin quite easily. The lateral window has received a modern and ergonomic design as well and the doors are traversed by small curved creases that enhance the unique appearance of the truck. Iveco Vertis 90V also comes with a standard sun shield that features and designs are aggressive and very good with the rest of the cabin.

Interior Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 with splendid space. The cabin offers an airy feel that is enhanced by panoramic windshields and door windows that also offer excellent overall visibility. Although the overall build quality is not too high, we are constantly impressed by the incredible ergonomics that dominate the entire cabin.

All Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 controls are placed within easy reach and the center console also has an intuitive layout on the dashboard. The instrument cluster has a modern design and is easy to read during day and night, while the gear knob is quite easy on hand. The modern three-spoke steering design is offered with tilt and telescopic adjustments that enhance overall comfort.

The Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 room can be used for three people and the driver’s seat offers proper back and lower thigh support is also available with plenty of adjustments to get comfortable behind the wheel, and about storing there are plenty of cup holders, cubby holes, and consoles for storing items. goods. Optional features include MP3 CD player, AC and power windows.

Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 Medium Truck Ergonomic Design

Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 equipped with Euro III Iveco NEF-4, a 3-cylinder intercooler turbo engine with a capacity of 3.9 liters offered with electronic rail injection and common rail management. This is the same unit used for all medium duty trucks sold by companies in the European market and has proven their value and reliability. This machine is available in two power outputs with 154 hp or 173 hp. The company said that the machine is also ready to meet the requirements of the Euro V emission regulations.

Front axle and rear axle Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 using semi-crystallized spring springs, shock absorbers, and stabilizer rods. Regardless of its rugged character, Iveco Vertis is still able to offer a fairly flexible ride and make the most of the road bumps outside the cabin. The cabin insulation is also pretty good and not disturbed by the sound of wind or vibration of the engine. Thanks to the cabin above the engine configuration, Iveco Vertis 90V 2009 is very easy to get around the city.

Iveco Vertis 90V 2009

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