Jeep Switchback Concept 2017 Design Ready Adventure

Jeep Switchback Concept 2017 Design Ready Adventure – The Wrangler Switchback Concept’s special Jeep showcases modified high-level off-roaders with larger axles, larger wheels and tires, and many separate modular parts. Jeep Wrangler Switchback with a high-line fender kit, special half-metal door. Concept wheels, Safari-style hard style, roof racks, and a unique heat-reducing hood, which is one of the changes. With a 3.6 liter Pentastar V-6 engine, with cold air intake. A six-speed manual configuration is skipped to support five automatic speeds.

The 2017 Jeep Switchback Concept offers a suspension, which is a four-inch suspension with Fox Racing remote reservoir shocks. The axle was a heavy Dana 44 unit, and the tire was 37 inches from BFGoodrich. This wrangler starts as a standard Rubicon model.

Jeep Switchback Concept 2017 Design Ready Adventure

At the front of the Concept 2017 Jeep Switchback wears a 10-year steel bumper with the integration of Warn winch, LED light pot, and a certified grille guard. Red tow hooks provide some extra talent. The grille has been blackened in matte color, while the headlights are a new LED unit that is upgraded for the 2017 model. The hood is a new lift on the heat reduction hood that has been offered on several Wrangler models. Plastic fenders have been moved higher on the body, giving more space for 37-inch tires to flex.

The front of the 2017 Jeep Switchback Concept is well packed, including the concept of LED lights from JPP, and two-row LED light bar mounted at the top. The windshield mounting plate then lends the bolt to the roof rack. This increases the cargo capacity of the 2017 Jeep Switchback Concept. Jeep adds a hard-topped Safari style with extra height on the rear. Seen the 2017 Concept Switchback Jeep window brings extra light to the cabin.

Jeep Switchback Concept 2017 Design Ready Adventure

This is unique from the 2017 Jeep Switchback Concept where half-metal doors certainly help bring extra light to the cabin, too, thanks to the large holes cut inside. Half-iron doors are not equipped with glass windows, so there is no loss of function. The holes, however, add an extra level of open air driving. Just below, the JPP rock rail that doubles as a side step helps protect the rocker panel.

In the interior of the 2017 Concept Jeep Switchback adds Katzkin leather seats, body-color bezels on HVAC vents and dashboards, grip handles, and all-weather floor mats. The entire floor is covered with a spray bed liner for complete protection. Behind, storage shelves contain first aid boxes and roadside safety boxes. And the 2017 Jeep Switchback as an off-road vehicle that is comfortable and ready for adventure.

Jeep Switchback Concept 2017

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