KamAZ 43509 Truck 2016 Reliable Bonnet Design

KamAZ 43509 Truck 2016 Reliable Bonnet Design – KamAZ 43509 has more powerful performance than its predecessor, Kamaz 4326. The V8 diesel engine is now larger in capacity, which is 12,500 cc while still using twin turbo. But a slight adjustment to the settings on the machine computer that can increase power to reach 980 hp.

KamAZ 43509 Truck 2016 Reliable Bonnet Design

From the transmission and suspension sector there is not much difference. KamAZ 43509 Fixed using 16-speed manual transmission from ZF. According to Kamaz, in addition to transmission, suspension and chassis still use the KamAZ 4326. Only, the body now adheres to a truck with bonnet or “nose” than its predecessor who adheres to cabin over engine design.

Although still appearing shy in Dakar 2017, KamAZ 43509 will take part in the Silk Way Rally, which is a rally from Moscow to Beijing that covers 10,000 km and is divided into 15 stages, at the beginning of July.

And of course, the presence of KamAZ 43509 will still be awaited when it is in the hands of the champion, Eduard Nikolaev in Dakar 2018 later.

KamAZ 43509

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