KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 Practical Utility Truck

KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 Practical Utility Truck – The KamAZ-5350 public utility truck is a member of the Mustang family. This military truck family includes KamAZ-4350 with many variants. KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 is a public utility as a further successor of the previous generation KamAZ-4310. This utility truck is the best military truck as a practical carrier with a 6×6 tire configuration and a fairly high posture. So that KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 is ready through difficult terrain.

KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 Practical Utility Truck

KamAZ-5350 is fully conventional in design. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 6,000 kg and can also tow trailers or artillery pieces. KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 as a military truck can carry various shelters or container types. The standard troop/cargo platform has a falling side, dropping the tailgate and removing the tarp with a bow.

Three people cabin is standard on KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007. The 2007 KamAZ-5350 Mustang cabin can be tilted forward to make it easier to access the engine room. This cabin is equipped with an additional armor kit and is also proposed with built-in internal hidden armor.

KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 Practical Utility Truck

KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 has a turbocharged diesel engine KamAZ-740 13,260, with a power of 260 hp. This machine complies with EURO II emission requirements. This machine is also equipped with a device that can withstand cold weather up to -50°C. KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007 has a full-time all-wheel drive and is equipped with a central tire inflation system. There are many variants of the baseline model, including the KamAZ-53501 transporter bridge and KamAZ-53504 tractor truck.

KamAZ-5350 Mustang 2007

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