Kamaz 63698 Typhoon-K 2013 Design Exterior Interior

Kamaz 63698 Typhoon-K 2013 Design Exterior Interior – Kamaz-63968 Typhoon is a group of Russian multi-utilitarian, measured, protected, mine safe MRAP vehicles. The Typhoon family is a piece of Russia’s Typhoon program dispatched in 2010. Both Kamaz and Gaz-Group are joining in Typhoon program and build up their own particular group of vehicles. Kamaz as of now build up the KAMAZ-53949 Typhoon-K 4×4 measured defensively covered and Gaz the Ural Typhoon 6×6 multi-reason heavily clad truck. Kamaz-63968 6×6 Typhoon-K (Taifun) has a mass of 21 tons and can convey up to 16 individuals in its work force compartment.

The Kamaz-63968 Typhoon can be outfitted with a remote weapon station mounted on the highest point of the team compartment. This weapon framework can be furnished with an automatic rifle up to 14.5 mm bore. The Kamaz-63969 MRAP-sort vehicle highlights monocoque body produced using new heavily clad steel. It joins on-board data frameworks, control units, sensors and various propelled resistance arrangements.

The heavily clad vehicle is 7.8m long, 2.52m wide and 2.75m high. It has a kerb weight of 19,703kg and a gross weight of 23,703kg. The Typhoon can convey two team and up to ten officers. Its cockpit is fitted with two screens to show the data of the vehicle. The useful zone is additionally fitted with a screen.

Kamaz 63698 Typhoon-K 2013 Design Exterior Interior

The format of the Kamaz-63968 Typhoon depends on a Kamaz-6396 defensively covered taxicab skeleton, with the motor behind the taxi and the troop compartment at the back. The warriors enter and leave the Kamaz-63968 Typhoon by means of a solitary entryway at the back of the troop compartment. The group lodge and the back compartment are completely encased and give an insurance against shooting of little arm and shell fragments (composite body defensive layer: artistic and steel). In either side of the troop compartment are two shot verification windows however no shooting port. The Kamaz-63968 Typhoon is likewise ensured against landmines and IEDs. It is asserted this defensively covered truck can withstand 8 kg TNT impact on account of its V-body. The driver sits at the front of the vehicle on the left agree with the leader to one side. Both have an expansive impenetrable windscreen to the front and a side entryway that opens to the front. Six rectangular trapdoors are mounted on the highest point of the troop compartment.

The Kamaz-63968 has a hydropneumatic suspension and is intended to be utilized on any sorts of streets and territory. This protected truck is mechanized with a 450 hp Kamaz 740.354-450 V8 turbocharged diesel motor coupled to an Allison six-speed automatique transmission. The vehicle is likewise fitted with focal tire swelling framework and run-punctured tires and has a full-time all-wheel drive.

The Kamaz-63968 Typhoon is furnished with 5 cameras giving 360° camera observation framework and is accounted for to be fitted with NBC assurance framework.

Kamaz 63698 Typhoon-K 2013 Design Exterior Interior

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