Kenworth T440 2009 Urban Heavyweight Design

Kenworth T440 2009 Urban Heavyweight Design – In 2009 Kenworth began developing T440, Kenworth T440 2009 is a truck designed for urban and regional transportation, as well as for city work. Soon Kenworth T440 2009 was applied in agriculture. Kenworth T440 2009 has a high load capacity and low overall weight. The total weight of the road train can reach 68 tons. It is equipped with several engine variants. Kenworth T440 2009 with PACCAR PX-8 engine with 350 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque is standard. Additional options for the engine can be in the form of Cummins ISL engine, with 380 hp and 1300 Nm of torque, and Cummins ISLG which uses natural gas with 320 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque. 10, 11 and 13-step mechanical transmissions and 5-6 automatic steps. The Kenworth T440 2009 is equipped with an aerodynamic front tail, increasing visibility and aeodynamics, respectively, reducing fuel consumption. Kenworth T440 2009 cabs are available Cab Day, extended extended Cab Day and with a 97 centimeter wide Aero Cab bed. Kenworth T440 2009 Urban Heavyweight Design

Kenworth T660 2008 Simple Design Maximal Appearance

Kenworth T660 2008 Simple Design Maximum Appearance – The Kenworth T660 2008 reached one of the most aerodynamic trucks running on the streets today. Every part of the truck gets dragging as low as possible. The slippery shape is further strengthened by the hood which is combined with a curved windshield and aerodynamic bumper and fairing. The front of the Kenworth T660 2008 grille features a distinctive split in two parts by a central vertical line and surrounded by a nice chrome border. The air that passes through the grid is directed to the engine to keep it cool, while the air flowed through the hood is flowing directly into the air purification system and climate control. A slim light gel cluster with slippery truck shape and standard halogen bulbs that produce 44% more light output than conventional closed beam lamps. In addition, the Kenworth T660 2008 is also available with an optional Xenon HID lamp. Kenworth T660 2008 with the conventional cabin cabin integrating aluminum and fiberglass construction and using aircraft-grade huck bolts, to be resistant to corrosion and rattle-free. Kenworth T660 2008 with pleasant interiors because it has an area to relax, with plenty of space and good ergonomics overall. One common complaint about Kenworth T660 2008 is the cheap interior, because the material is as good as that from Mack or Volvo. On the other hand, we like the fringed optional interior ……

Kenworth T700 2010 Aerodynamic Truck Design

Kenworth T700 2010 Aerodynamic Truck Design – The Kenworth T700 tractor is a truck that will become a reliable heavy transportation vehicle. Kenworth T700 2010 with optimal fuel efficiency and display is enough for the aerodynamic appearance of the Kenworth T700 2010 to understand that fuel consumption will be reduced to a minimum. Kenworth T700 is equipped with 13 and 15 liter engines, capacity of up to 600 “horses”, which shows its strength.   Kenworth T700 2010 which has the hood, wings, headlights, windshield, roof, bumper and fairing combine into a clean and precise shape so the truck exceeds Kenworth’s aerodynamic barriers. Kenworth T700 2010 with bumper and fairing chassis is made of high-tech materials that are not tarnished, and has good resistance to external influences that significantly reduces repair costs. The aerodynamic bumper of Kenworth T700 2010 consists of two parts and a three-piece hood to shorten repair time and costs. Maximum comfort is Kenworth T700 2010 which has a height of 244cm. 1.7 m3 cabin interior space. Material quality. Stylish, recognized throughout world-class heavy transport trucks. Smooth, integrated, with many innovative ideas that present additional luxury options on the road. The Kenworth T700 2010 with abundant lighting with “xenon” incandescent lamps, compact flat-screen TVs and mini-refrigerators, is truly an amazing interior. Kenworth T700 2010