Kenworth T270/T370 Hybrids 2009 Medium Duty Efficient

Kenworth T270/T370 Hybrids 2009 Medium Duty Efficient – The new Kenworth Medium Duty T270 and T370 Hybrids trucks are powered by a PACCAR PX-6 engine and include an integral transmission motor / generator, a 340-volt battery pack mounted on the frame, and a special power management system, creating a unique fuel efficient system . Has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 25,000 lbs. Class 6 for Kenworth T270 hybrid, and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 33,000 lbs. Class 7 for Kenworth T370 hybrid.

In a slow, stop-and-drive traffic, a parallel hybrid power system developed in partnership with Eaton, acts as an electric motor that utilizes the power of the battery pack. The system automatically switches between the two operating modes. The stored electricity provides nearly 60 horsepower with 310 feet-pound of torque. Hybrid in the Kenworth T270 and Kenworth T370 Medium Duty uses braking events called “regenerative braking” to produce and store electricity. Electric power is then used for acceleration, assisting diesel engines. Kenworth T270 and Kenworth T370 Hybrid can also be distinguished by power-take-off power (ePTO). EPTO allows energy to be extracted from batteries for engine-off operations.

Kenworth T370 Hybrid 2009 Medium Duty

The Kenworth T370 hybrid tractor boosts fuel economy by up to 25 percent for local transport applications, including public transport, distribution of beverages and groceries. Fuel savings also produce lower emission levels. The Powertrain controls the monitor driving conditions and automatically selects the ideal power mode, smoothly switching between electricity only, combined diesel and electricity, and diesel only power mode. Hybrid systems are monitored through the dashboard display. Because power requirements for different driving conditions change, the screen keeps updating the drivers on the system state.

Kenworth T270/T370 Hybrids 2009

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