Kenworth T660 2008 Simple Design Maximal Appearance

Kenworth T660 2008 Simple Design Maximum Appearance – The Kenworth T660 2008 reached one of the most aerodynamic trucks running on the streets today. Every part of the truck gets dragging as low as possible. The slippery shape is further strengthened by the hood which is combined with a curved windshield and aerodynamic bumper and fairing.

The front of the Kenworth T660 2008 grille features a distinctive split in two parts by a central vertical line and surrounded by a nice chrome border. The air that passes through the grid is directed to the engine to keep it cool, while the air flowed through the hood is flowing directly into the air purification system and climate control.

Kenworth T660 2008 Simple Design Maximal Appearance

A slim light gel cluster with slippery truck shape and standard halogen bulbs that produce 44% more light output than conventional closed beam lamps. In addition, the Kenworth T660 2008 is also available with an optional Xenon HID lamp. Kenworth T660 2008 with the conventional cabin cabin integrating aluminum and fiberglass construction and using aircraft-grade huck bolts, to be resistant to corrosion and rattle-free.

Kenworth T660 2008 with pleasant interiors because it has an area to relax, with plenty of space and good ergonomics overall. One common complaint about Kenworth T660 2008 is the cheap interior, because the material is as good as that from Mack or Volvo. On the other hand, we like the fringed optional interior available for superior trim levels.

Kenworth T660 2008 Simple Design Maximal Appearance

The curved Kenworth T660 2008 dashboard is equipped with many switches, gauges and controls that have a layout that is quite intuitive and easy to reach. A nice soft blue instrument cluster that makes you easy to read. There is also an information display mounted in the middle of the instrument cluster illuminated by bright green, but looks rather out of place compared to the rest of the other indicators.

The Kenworth T660 2008 seat will not be misinterpreted as sporty, but fortunately, a long journey will not make you nervous, because various aspects available will help find a good driving position. The chair is also equipped with a comfortable armrest that can be folded if needed. The Kenworth T660 2008 steering wheel is our first choice for design, but we must ensure that you can be held and can be easily adjusted to reach and sweep.

Not surprisingly, a high driving position, a large two-part windshield and a mirror for great visibility. The Kenworth T660 2008 aero cabs offer extensive land and are equipped with large and comfortable beds, and plenty of storage to make life easier. Kenworth T660 2008 offers up to six different settings for sleeping that come with or without a high roof.

Kenworth T660 2008 Engine Design

Kenworth T660 2008 torquey Paccar MX engine options that increase between 380 – 485 hp with a very generous torque that can reach up to 1650 lb ft. The engine is immersed in the Eaton UltraShift PLUS automatic transmission which is devoted to the ability to be worthy of the superior. To further improve fuel, the Paccar MX series is also equipped with an individual Electronic Control System and an injection pump. The iron block and cylinder head are very light and very strong to improve engine performance. To extend service intervals, integrated lubrication modules from filter filters, thermostats and oil coolers that work directly to the engine without an external engine.

Kenworth T660 2008

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