Kenworth T680 2012 Sophisticated Advanced Design

Kenworth T680 2012 Sophisticated Advanced Design – Kenworth T680 2012 has a stylish and aerodynamic body shape. Full-height roof, bumper, hood and extender. Has high speed and optimal. The typical Kenworth radiator grille and tools from corrosion resistant aluminum wire.

Compared to other T-series trucks, the Kenworth T680 is engineered with 65 percent greater storage capacity, 50 percent larger windshields, 40 percent less interior, 30 percent larger, and best in class lighting. The sculpted roof-top roof looks pretty good and the truck looks dynamic. The lightweight and corrosion-resistant cabin features aluminum panels that are molded with self-penetrating Henrob fasteners, which have a very dense structure and are more resistant to vibration and vibration.

Kenworth T680 2012 Sophisticated Advanced Design

Kenworth T680 2012 engine hood with 3 special special materials called Sheet Molding Compound (SMC). Thanks to its light nature, the hood only requires minimum effort to be lifted. The aerodynamic bummer is also made of two parts which together are smooth while the casing fairing is made of new durable material (Thermoplastic Olefin) which is not exposed to sunlight. The Kenworth T680 2012 headlamps with dual Halogen lamps are equipped with High Intensity Discharge Xenon lamps and are installed properly into the jewel headlights. For high offers, all standard exterior lights use LED technology.

The interior of the Kenworth T680 with its wide open and well-placed steps is very easy to climb. The door is made of lightweight material and the bed is very durable, smooth air flow around the cabin and minimizes sound. A pressure relief valve equalizes the interior and exterior air pressure to make the door easily open and close. The Kenworth T680 2012 offers plenty of space inside and the overall cabin is typical of Kenworth with a slightly curved dashboard and four-finger steering.

The Kenworth T680 2012 features complete with instrument groups are easy to read and are equipped with nine standard gauges and 12 additional indicators. In addition to the new instrument cluster, the truck is equipped with innovative Driver Performance Centers (DPC) that feature a 5-inch color screen that includes current truck information, diagnostic data, and pop-up alerts. The dashboard is equipped with Kenworth NavPlus which offers the possibility to connect to cellphones via Bluetooth and is also available with voice commands.

Kenworth T680 2012 Sophisticated Advanced Design

The Kenworth T680 2012 seat features an advanced air suspension system that automatically adjusts to the various weight of the riders. In addition to standard seats, trucks are also available with an optional 180-degree swivel seat that allows occupants to face the sleeping chair. High driving positions offer great road navigation.

The Kenworth T680 2012 sleeping cabin measures 96 inches wide with high ceilings, 60 cubic feet of storage, and a high-rise cupboard. In addition, the sleeping cabin is equipped with an innovative turntable that can be used for various purposes. Other features that can be found in it include mounts for 23-inch flat-screen TVs, storage trays for DVD players, microwave hook ups, and factory-installed inverters with optional beach power.

The main thing at Kenworth T680 is equipped with a 12.9L MX Paccar engine that offers power output between 380 hp to 485 hp. with a maximum torque of 1,750 lbs-ft. The Paccar engine has proven its value as it was used successfully by Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. Cummins ISX15 comes with advanced fuel injection technology, cooled EGR subsystem and Cummins VGT Turbocharger. For improved performance, this engine is also equipped with proven Cummins Aftertreatment System which includes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology.

Kenworth T680 2012

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